Does Government Need a Business Saviour?
Unclear that business success leads to political success

Hobgoblin of Little Minds
Saudi Arms Sale vs Human Rights: Inconsistent decision-making not always bad!

Conservative Challenges, Part 2: Expand the Talent Pool
If the goal is more change, you need more ‘change agents’.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations: No Need to Rush
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), negotiated in secret so the economic impacts are largely unknown to Canadians

Conservative Challenges – Part 1, Bad Campaigns and Bad Manners 
If you have been an active member of the Conservative Party, you are likely wondering what to make of the last nine years of power, the failed campaign and the challenges ahead.

2015 Canadian Federal Election
What happened and what it could mean for business

Diminishing Economic Value of a Political Career
Why running for office and working for a politician has become more of a dead-end career choice and what it means.

Federal Budget 2012
For all the tough talk about taming public expenditures, this is a mild budget. This year the Harper Government will be spending $34 billion more than it did before the recession. In 5 years time when the deficit is scheduled to be eliminated, they are planning to spend close to $54 billion more than their pre-recession budget.

Radical Reform Of Political Contributions
Chretien and Harper Governments have radically changed the rules on political contributions. Corporations and unions pushed to the periphery; political parties driven to re-structure; advantages shifting between parties and candidates.  Yet, most Canadians are unaware of changes.

Deficit-Cutting Then and Now
The Trudeau and Mulroney Governments were unsuccessful in eliminating the deficit; the Chretien Government succeeded.  Can we apply that experience to our current problem?

The March 19 Federal Budget: Implications for Business
Reports on the budget and the government spin on it have largely been focused on the tax benefits for families and individuals. We focus on some of the positive business impacts that have not been highlighted in press and government reports.

The Green Stephane Dion: Implications for Business
New Liberal Leader Stephane Dion made significant and detailed policy commitments in his leadership run. Hillwatch tells you what they are and their implications for business.

A Perspective on the U.S.-Canada Trade Relationship and the Softwood Lumber Case
This bulletin walks us through how "managed trade" has worked over the last couple of decades and argues it was an inevitable outcome of the softwood lumber dispute all along. We think the way forward for the U.S.-Canada trade relationship is more "managed" agreements, not less.

Budget Making Made Easy to Understand - 2006 Edition
Hillwatch's analysis on where we are after 13 years of Liberal Fiscal Management and where that leaves the Conservative Government today and what some of their options may be in the next few years.

The Conservatives in Government!

Based on the results of a well-executed campaign, the Conservatives have moved up the polls in the New Year. Unless the last minute barrage of negative Liberal ads rolls that progress back, after 13 years in power the Liberals are out of office and the Conservatives in.

The Interweaving of the Internet and Politics
In North America and Western Europe, the Internet is now an important part of the political campaign mix but it has a better chance of fulfilling its promise of being radical transformative technology in other parts of the Globe

Managing the Legislative Process
Some organizations are timid players in the Parliamentary process.  They should be bolder. Multiple avenues of action exist and bad legislation stays on the books for a long time.

Working The New Minority Government
In a minority government, associations that successfully negotiate an understanding with officials and ministers in private may find deals renegotiated in the Commons

What the Election Tells Us About the Strength of Political Party Brands?
The last installment of our election series, Hillwatch looks at the strength & weaknesses of the political party brands 

Elements of Successful Lobbying
Lobbying’s intent is to make dealing with big government a manageable, predictable and productive process for the interests concerned.

The Liberal and Conservative Party Platforms New (and Surprisingly Similar) Priorities & Implications for Business
Both Liberal & Conservative Platforms have many similar priorities. Differences arise from the Conservatve's higher cost tax reductions plans.

Private Members Bills Get A Little More Important
Recent procedural changes mean more private members’ bills will pass. This means a shift of power to the backbenches and some interests in society will find themselves sideswiped by the changes.

Working Parliament Hill 
Organizations ignore Parliament Hill to the detriment of their interests. If you want to influence public policy, you have to know how the ‘Hill’ works.

The Modern Online Candidate, Part 2: American vs. Canadian Political Web Sites
Both Canadian & US politicians need to become more effective online but there will be major national differences in the strategies they will have to choose.

The Modern Online Candidate, Part 1: Political Brand & Campaigns
Modern political candidates use the Web to create and extend their personal brand. They understand the connection between campaigns and online personal branding.

MP's Got Mail... And It's a Problem
Members of Parliament offices are being overloaded with e-mail. MPs need new strategies to handle the flood. Hillwatch outlines the possible solutions.

The Attack on Celebrity Brands
Anti-Corporate campaigns targeting market leaders are becoming more prolific because of ideology, their effectiveness and the low cost organizing power of the Web.

Political Parties Lose Ground Steadily
Growing evidence suggests Canadians are less interested in voting and less attached to political parties due to structural changes in our society.

The Web and Government Affairs
The web and the government affairs; 12 things you need to know.

Legislative Lobbying: Need Help?
A good legislative lobbyist helps you hang in and hang on every step of the way to present your case in the best possible light and with the greatest possible, positive impact.


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