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Implications of a Minority Government
Here are some things to know about how a Minority Government operates and how it might affect your organization.

2004 Canadian Budget & Expenditure Review Announcement: Implications for Business & Association Communities
New budget spending commitments are modest but do reflect priorities of new administration. Significant changes will follow the completion of the many reviews taking place.

New Structural Changes to the Government of Canada
The new Martin Government has initiated significant structural changes in Canadian Government Operations.

How is Your Association Planning to Work With Mr. Martin’s Agenda?
Association Executives will want to closely examine Mr. Martin’s agenda to determine how it helps or hurts their interests. Here are some initial suggestions.

Mr. Martin’s Approach: A Primer for Business
Based on public and non-public sources, Hillwatch has compiled a brief primer of the new Prime Minister's priorities and how these may affect government operations and expenditures. Many details remain undefined. As the new cabinet is formed and an upcoming Throne Speech and budget, we will be refining the picture of the new government for our clients.

Canada’s American Style Primaries
Most Canadian political parties have now adopted the US Primary system of electing leaders.  Changing the way we elect leaders creates a new game with new rules.  With each successive leadership contest, we learn what the rules really are!

Follow the Money
Canada vs. US political fundraising. Do our Canadian politicians need more or less money and what do the new political fundraising rules really mean?

Hillwatch Report on Softwood Lumber
At the end of the day, we are forced to consider Managed Trade Regimes, their benefits and their costs.  Our ability to deliver on the best option frequently depends on our negotiating savvy and timing.

Memo to Cabinet: Steal This Idea!
Some public consultations are exceptionally well done – open, inclusive, & transparent. But lets face it – the way that federal departments and Parliamentary Committees consult with the public often leaves a lot to be desired.

The Siege of Quebec City
Quebec City was Canada first full-blown exposure to how activist now use online channels to deliver off line messages.

The Web and Government Affairs Bill C- 6 Privacy Legislation
It has been enacted and now it is all about implementation, compliance and enforcement

Why the Internet Will Change Politics
As new innovative communications and marketing practices are created to sell commercial products and services on-line, these techniques crossover to the political area and change the rules of the game

A Contrarian Perspective on Electronic Commerce Public Policy
Despite good intentions on E-Commerce public policy, governments will not be able to deliver on current promises of a painless transition to a digital marketplace.

Explaining Quebec Separatism
Nationalist monomania, chronic fibbing, the romantic appeal of oppression, and political hypochondria — these factors pre-condition the debate that occurs in Quebec between separatists and federalists and, in Canada, between Quebec and the Rest of Canada. 

Our Man in Havana
Cuba illustrates Canadians general disinclination to get involved in acts of ostracism and sanctions.  Canadian diplomacy much prefers dialogue and ‘constructive engagement’.  The American penchant for diplomatic positions based on ideology, moralism and domestic political considerations places the Canadian government on the other side of some issues

The Regulatory Efficiency Act
The Regulatory Efficiency Act was introduced in the House of Commons by then Treasury Board President Eggleton on December 6, 1994

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