Hillwatch Privacy Policy

Our information-gathering ambitions are extremely modest.

From time to time, we seek occupational and demographic information for our internal use. We are interested in who is viewing our site and what content interests you. We are interested in whether our on-line and off-line marketing is effective.

We don’t like it when our e-mail box is clogged with pitches from people we don’t know, trying to sell us products we don’t want. We know you feel the same way.

We will not inundate you with e-mails about 'exciting offerings". We will not give your e-mail address or any personal information about you to third parties without your express consent.

Hillwatch Citation Policy - Re-using our Content:

We appreciate when other groups value our content and want to link to it or reuse it on their site.  If linking to our articles, there is no need to notify us and feel free to use our preambles.

If you would like to reproduce any of our articles or research on your site, we request the following:

  • At the top add the words "This article was first published by www.hillwatch.com.”
  • Include the copyright:  (c) Hillwatch Inc. 2003 at the bottom of the article,
  • Kindly let us know.

Hillwatch Public Policy Resource Centre Linking Policy

The Hillwatch Public Policy Resource Centre is a free and open directory for all points of political view.  We make it easy for decision-makers, media and the politically interested to find useful public policy content generated by governments, interest groups, associations, coalitions, not-for-profit organizations, think tanks and corporations.

If your group uses your web site to explain and promote your points of view, we want to include your site and help you attract a broader audience. Here are a few of our ground rules.

The Internet provides many vehicles for personal expression - this is not one of them. This directory is for public policy group expression, i.e., groups who want to change public policy, for one reason or another, and they use their web site to advance facts, information and argumentation in defense of their position.

  • Web sites containing racist or hate material will not be listed.
  • Web sites engaging in diatribes, rants, or personal attacks will not be listed.
  • Web sites that are evasive or misleading about who they represent will not be listed.
  • Confusing, incoherent, poorly designed, difficult to navigate web sites will not be listed.
  • Web sites that have not updated their materials recently will not be included.
  • Sometimes it is a fine line between legitimate minority points of view and ones that are fringe, odd or just plain uninteresting. We will try to find it by trial and error.
  • Too much choice can be just as bad as too little. We reserve the right to limit the number of web sites.

Submit your URL, tell us in what section of our web site you would like to be listed, tell us a little about your group and we would be pleased to consider your site. Contact us at admin@hillwatch.com.

Thank you for your interest.

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