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CTV/Nanos: Harper Hits New 12-Month High On Preferred Pm Measure

The Liberals continue to register the highest comparative score on the overall Nanos Party Power Index but Conservative Leader Stephen Harper continues to trend up on the preferred PM front

CTV/Nanos Party Power Index: Harper Surpasses Trudeau On Preferred PM Front
In the latest weekly tracking 32% of Canadians say Harper is their preferred choice for PM followed by Trudeau at 30%, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair at 20%

National Newswatch/Nanos Research: Tories Hit 12 Month Low In Accessible Voters

Canadians who would consider voting Conservative is at 36.1% (a new low) compared to a high of 44.1% and a 12 month average of 39.5%. In contrast 53.5% of Canadians would consider voting Liberal, 44.3% would consider voting NDP

May 15/14
CTV/Ipsos Reid: Support For Hudak's PCs Continues To Climb As NDP Falters

Progressive Conservatives continue to lead in the polls by a wide margin. 39%  of “intended voters” support the Tim Hudak-led PCs, while 30% are backing the Liberals and 22% the NDP

Mar. 31/14
The Globe and Mail/CROP: New Quebec Poll Points To Shift Among Francophone Voters
The poll of only francophone voters shows the Parti Québécois at 36%, ahead of the Liberals at 29%, the CAQ at 24% and Quebec Solidaire at 8%

Toronto Star/Forum Research:Liberals Surging Over PQ
45% said they intended to vote for the provincial Liberals compared to just 32% for Pauline Marois’ PQ

QMI Agency/Abacus Data: Liberal Support Strong Despite Tory Attacks
Despite a steady barrage of Conservative radio ads attacking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, the Liberals enjoy the support of 34% of committed voters, compared to 28% for Stephen Harper's Conservatives and 23% for Thomas Mulcair's NDP

CTV News/Ipsos Reid: Fewer Canadians Believe Harper Government “Working Well” This Year
The Conservative government appears to be paying the price for a year plagued by scandal

Nov 01/13
Nanos Research/ CBC News: Senate Scandal Puts Harper's Brand At Risk
Canadians may be judging Stephen Harper more on how he handled the Senate scandal than on how he's managed the economy

June 22/13
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Canadians' Impression Of Mulcair Lagging Despite Performance In Parliament
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair closed out the spring sitting of Parliament on an apparent high note, but a majority of respondents, 56%, reported having had a favourable impression of Trudeau; 39% said the same of Harper and only 37% favored Mulcair

June 14/13
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Senators and MPs Likely Cheating on Expenses
A whopping 86% of respondents — including overwhelming majorities in all regions and across all age groups and party affiliations — feel it’s likely that MPs and senators are claiming improper expenses

May 03/13
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Liberals Spring To Seven-Point Lead
Liberal support stood at 35%, while the Conservatives dropped to 28% and the NDP to 22%.

CBC Power & Politics/Nanos: Harper Seen As Having Best Experience To Lead, But Trudeau Is Most Inspiring
Two in five Canadians (41.0%) said that Stephen Harper had the best experience to lead Canada, but three in ten (30.0%) said that Justin Trudeau was the most inspiring leader

Nanos Research/CBC: Liberals Running Neck-And-Neck With NDP
A new poll shows Liberals and Opposition New Democrats are virtually tied in second place for national support, and federal Conservatives leading nationally

Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News and Global TV: Canadians Think Trudeau Will Be Next Federal Liberal Leader
More than two thirds of Canadians believe Justin Trudeau will win the race for the federal Liberal leadership, compared to Marc Garneau’s 19%

July 04/12
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News and Global TV: Wide Support For Abortion Rights, Gay Marriage
Canadians generally support a law that establishes rules on when a woman can’t have an abortion, such as during the last trimester of her pregnancy. But support for an outright ban on all abortions is weak.  On the same-sex marriage law, a majority of Canadians are now quite happy with the status quo of allowing gays and lesbians to get married

July 01/12
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News and Global TV: Most Canadians Firmly In Favour Of Decriminalizing Marijuana
Two-thirds of Canadians think the law should be changed so that people caught with small amounts of marijuana no longer face criminal penalties or fines

June 22, 2012
Ipsos-Reid/Global News: NDP, Tories In Statistical Dead Heat
The NDP would receive 38% voter support; the Conservatives dropped two points to 35%;the Liberals also dropped one point to 18%

May 15, 2012
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News and Global: Economics Divide Canadians
A fundamental shift towards a more economically-derived cleavage, combined with a distinct urban/rural divide found the Tories would pick up 37% of the vote, mostly in the west, rural Canada, and suburban areas of southern Ontario and the NDP which boasts strong support in Quebec and urban Ontario would take 35%

May 03/12
Harris Decima/Canadian Press: Dead Heat For NDP, Tories On Anniversary Of Election
The Conservatives and NDP are in a statistical tie for voter support one year after the federal election. The NDP has 33% support while the Tories have 30%

Mar. 22/12
Environics Research Group/The Globe and Mail: NDP Ties Tories In Popular Support
The two parties have 30% support among voters. That’s about the same percentage of the popular vote that the NDP earned in the May 2 general election. For the Conservatives, it represents a drop of 10 points

March 15/12
Ipsos Reid/Global News: Canadians Judge Conservatives As Top Economic Managers
The vast majority of Canadians pegged managing the economy as the top priority for the federal government, and most of them say Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are doing a good job of it

March 13/12
National Post/Leger Marketing: Bloc Québécois Take Lead Over NDP in Quebec
The Bloc Québécois garners the support of 31% of Quebecers, even if the sovereigntist party has only four members left in Ottawa. The NDP ranked second among federal voters in Quebec at 27%, maintaining the same level of support

March 11/12
Ipsos Reid/Global News: Canadians Seek Public Inquiry Into Robocall Allegations
Canadians want to see an independent judicial inquiry established to get to the bottom of the robocall allegations rocking Ottawa. A full 75% of respondents said they want to see the government establish a special, independent commission of inquiry, with full judicial powers, to find the truth about what happened in the past election and to make recommendations about the rules for future elections

March 4/12
Nanos Research/Globe and Mail: Tory Support Steady Despite Robo-Call Uproar
A month of controversy over pensions, privacy and Pierre Poutine has failed to dent support for the Conservative Party. Support for the Tories remained exactly the same – at 35.7%– compared to a month earlier; the Liberals climbed slightly to 29.5% from 27.6%; while the NDP’s numbers were essentially unchanged at 25

Jan. 26/12
Harris/Decima: Support For Tories Waning, Liberals Gaining Steam
The federal Conservatives have slipped from majority territory as the New Democrats continue to nip at the governing party’s heals

Dec. 16/11
The Canadian Press/Harris-Decima: NDP ‘in free fall’ in Quebec
The New Democratic Party’s support in the province has plunged to 26% – tied with the Bloc Québécois and down 16 points since the NDP swept 59 of Quebec's 75 seats in last May's election

Nov. 14/11
Canadian Press-Harris Decima/CTV: New Democrats Slipping In Support
The harsh spotlight of their first turn as official Opposition without an established leader may be taking an early toll on the NDP.  Support has been trending downward for about a month and has fallen to 29%

Oct 04/11
Ipsos Reid/Ottawa Citizen:  Liberals Poised To Form Majority Government
McGuinty's Liberals are poised to win another majority government with a 10 point lead over the Conservatives

Oct. 01/11
Nanos/Globe/CTV/CP24: Virtual Tie Between McGuinty And Hudak
The Ontario election is currently in a state of gridlock. The Liberals and Conservatives are within the margin of error of each other (37.7% and 34.4% respectively) while the NDP are at 25.5% followed by the Green Party at 2.0% among decided voters. Twelve percent of likely Ontario voters were undecided at the time of the poll

Sept. 30/11
Environics Research Group/The Canadian Press Ontario Election:  Liberals, Tories In Dead Heat
63% of respondents think that the incumbent Liberals have been in power too long and it's time for a change

Sept. 22/11
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News: Ontario Liberals Lead
Liberals lead the Conservatives by a seven-point margin, 42% to 35%

Ipsos Reid/Ottawa Citizen: Liberals, Tories Separated By Just One Point In Ontario Election
The governing Liberals are siting at 38% support, a slim, one-point lead over the Progressive Conservative party, which are at 37% support

Aug. 07/11
Nanos/CTV/The Globe and Mail: Tories Lead Closes, NDP And Liberals Tied For Second
Both the Conservatives' and the NDP's popularity have waned since the federal election in May, while Liberal support has risen. The Tories' support has dipped to 36.2% while the NDP and the Liberals are statistically tied, at 26.8% and 27% respectively

July 21/11
Ipsos Reid/Canadian Medical Association: Canadians Want Feds To Lead Health Care Reform
With the Canada Health Act set to expire in 2014, about 90% of Canadians "agree" the federal government should lead the way to a new heath accord with the provinces. Ninety-two per cent of respondents agree a First Ministers meeting should be called to deal with the "challenges" health care faces

April 29/11
Harris-Decima /The Canadian Press: NDP Blow Past Liberals, Close On Tories
The high-flying NDP have indeed soared past the Liberals and closed in on the Conservatives. The Conservatives are at 35% support nationally, with the NDP at 30% and the Liberals at 22%

April 28/11
Nanos Research/ Globe and Mail: Tory Lead Narrows To 6 Points, NDP Trending Up
Jack Layton’s unprecedented surge in Quebec is beginning to spill over into the rest of Canada as he and his New Democratic Party close in on Stephen Harper’s front-running Conservatives

April 27/11
Forum Research/National Post: NDP Trail Tories By Just Three Points
Conservative leader Stephen Harper no longer enjoys a comfortable lead ahead of the surging NDP, as a new poll shows the left-leaning party swelling to within just a few points of the reigning Tories. NDP has the support of 31% of those surveyed — only three points behind the governing Conservatives, who fell to 34%. The Liberals reduced to third place in a slew of recent polls, dwindled to 22%

April 21/11
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News/Global TV: Tories 19 Points Up, NDP Tops Liberals For Second
NDP has bumped the Liberals out of second place nationally in public favour and the front-place Conservatives maintain a comfortable lead that could deliver them a majority government

April 21/11
Nanos Research/Globe and Mail:  Layton Surging
Jack Layton’s New Democrats are closing in on Michael Ignatieff’s struggling Liberals. Nationally the Conservatives are 12 points ahead of the Liberals – 39.0% compared to 26.7%. The NDP, meanwhile, is at 22.1% – up from 19.8% the night before. The Bloc Québécois is at 7.5% and the Green Party is at 3.4%

April 19/11
Canadian Press/Harris Decima: Conservatives Lead By Eight
Nationally, the Conservatives lead by 8 points. Over the latest week, the Conservatives stand at 36%, to 28% for the Liberals, 19% for the NDP, 8% for the BQ, and 7% for the Greens

April 19/11
Innovative Research/CityNews/Maclean’s: More Canadians Prefer Stephen Harper As PM
Most Canadians believe Stephen Harper would make the best prime minister. 36% said Harper is best suited to be PM; 22% said Michael Ignatieff; 20% said Jack Layton and 3% said Elizabeth May

April 12/11
Nanos Research/CTV/The Globe and Mail: Conservatives Hold Single-Digit Lead Ahead Of Debate
Conservatives in the lead with 39.7% support from surveyed voters, with the Liberals trailing behind at 31.2% and the NDP at 16.8%. The Bloc Quebecois received 7.8%  support from respondents, while the Greens had 4.0%.

April 11/11
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tories 'On Cusp' Of Majority Territory
The Conservatives opened up a double-digit lead over the Liberals last week that put them within striking distance of a majority.  The party is at 40%, a healthy 12 points ahead of the Liberals, heading into the first of two televised leaders' debates. The NDP were at 15%, while the Bloc Quebecois and the Greens both trailed at eight per cent each

April 08/11
Ipsos Reid/Global News: Liberals Gaining, But Tories Stay On Top
The Liberals have gained ground in the election campaign while the Tories have slipped, but the Tories are still on top by a wide margin. The Tories would win 41% of the vote among decided voters if an election were held tomorrow, and the Liberals would receive 26%

April 06/11
EKOS/CBC: Tory Majority Looks 'Elusive'
Conservative majority is "looking more elusive" and the party appears headed toward a diminished minority. Conservatives have the support of 37% of voters, with the Liberals trailing at 27.8%. The poll suggests the New Democratic Party has 16.1  % support, the Green Party 9.3% and the Bloc Québécois 6.9 %

March 28/11
Leger Marketing/QMI Agency: Few Believe Iggy On Coalition Issue
Only 17% of Canadians surveyed were prepared to take him at his word. And even among those who identified themselves as Liberal voters, 35% do not believe their leader's claim

March 27/11
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News/Global National: Health Care Top Issue For Canadians
18% of Canadians felt health care was the most compelling issue, but that the economy, taxes and jobs should also garner politicians' attention between now and voting day

March 26/11
Ekos/Reuters: Conservatives Have 7-Point Lead
The Conservatives head into a national election campaign with a seven-point lead over their Liberal rivals. The Conservatives at 35.3%, the Liberals at 28.1%, the New Democrats at 14.2%, the Green Party at 10.6%, and the Bloc Quebecois at 9.7%.

March 25/11
Ipsos Reid /Postmedia News/Global National: Tories Begin Campaign Far Ahead Of Liberals
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives begin an election campaign this weekend far ahead of their political rivals in public favour and would be poised to win a "comfortable" majority if Canadians cast their votes now

March 23/11
Harris Decima/Canadian Press: Conservatives Hold Six Point Lead on Liberals
Nationally, over the last two weeks, the Conservative lead is six points. The Conservatives stand at 34%, to 28% for the Liberals, 17% for the NDP, 10% for the BQ, and 9% for the Greens

March 21/11
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News/Global National: Tories Tops In Trust
Canadians believe political honesty should trump economic recovery as the main issue in the next election but -in a major blow to the Liberals -voters rank the Tories as the best party to deliver a government they can trust

March 21/11
Nanos/CTV/Globe & Mail: Tories Hold Lead, Harper's Leadership Score Down
The Conservatives have a strong lead with 39% support ahead of a possible spring election despite the opposition parties hammering away at the Tories on ethics issues

March 17, 2011
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News/ Global National: Tory In-And-Out Scheme? Few Canadians Care
Nearly three-quarters of Canadians have either never heard about or don't care that four Conservative officials have been charged with violations of the spending rules

Mar. 1/11
Ipsos Reid/ Postmedia News/Global National: Tories Hit 43% Support
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have opened up a wide lead and would be close to winning a majority if an election occurred now. The Liberals have the support of 27% of voters, up by two points. The New Democrats would receive 13% of the vote, down by five points

Feb. 23/11
Nanos Research/Globe and Mai/CTV: Voters Cool To A Harper Majority Government
Only about 26% of Canadians say they would be comfortable with the Conservatives winning a majority after the next election

Feb. 15/11
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News and Global National: Harper Propelled By Surging Ontario Support
Propelled by a wave of volatility in vote-rich Ontario, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's governing Conservatives are supported by 39% of decided voters — up by five points; Liberals are at 25%, a four-point drop. The NDP would garner 18% of the vote — up by two points and the Green party remains at 10%

Jan. 31/11
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News/Global News: Canadians Prefer A Conservative Minority Over A Coalition Government
Canadians would prefer a Conservative minority in power over a coalition government if the Tories can’t win a majority in the next election. 55% of Canadians say they’d rather see a Conservative minority at the country’s helm while only 45% said they would support a government run by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP leader Jack Layton

Dec. 28/10
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News/Global Television: Economy No. 1 Priority
Heading into the new year, Canadians have pegged the economy, health care and the environment as the three priorities they'd like to see politicians give the greatest attention to. The Tories definitely have a leg up with 29% of Canadians polled saying they'd like to see the country's leaders focus on the economy

Dec. 22/10
Léger Marketing/Canadian Studies (ACS)/iPolitics: Canadians Trust Military More Than Government
Canadians have more trust and confidence in Canada’s armed forces than they do in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government. 75.7% of respondents had trust and confidence in the Canadian Forces to do a good job compared to only 54.1% who trusted the federal government

Dec. 15/10 
Canadian Press/Harris-Decima: Tories & Liberals Locked In Statistical Tie
Conservatives and Liberals appear to be ending the year the same way they started it — in a dead heat. The Tories have the support of 31% of Canadians, statistically tied with the Liberals at 29%

Dec. 11/10 
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News and Global TV: Conservatives Open 10-Point Lead
The Conservatives are supported by 39% of decided voters, up four points from a month ago.  Liberals remain at 29%.  The NDP would garner 12% of the vote; the Green Party 9%

Dec. 07/10
Nanos/Globe and Mail: "Cluster" Strategy Puts Tories On Track For Majority
The Tories are seven points ahead of the Liberals – 38.1% support nationally compared to 31.2%. The NDP is at 17.2%; the Green Party has the support of only 3.2% of Canadians and the Bloc is at 10. 2%

Nov. 22/10
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News/Global News: Ontario Voters Would Turf McGuinty
41% of respondents who were decided voters said they would elect the provincial Progressive Conservatives, under leader Tim Hudak, if the election took place now

Nov. 18/10
Harris Decima/Canadian Press: Majority Want Conservatives and Liberals to Get New Leaders
Resistance to Stephen Harper's leadership comes almost exclusively from outside of his Party's support base, whereas antipathy to Michael Ignatieff is not only found among non-Liberals but also within his own Party

Nov. 03/10
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News/Global Television: More Canadians Trust Tories With Economy, Health Care
40% of Canadians said the Tories are the best choice to manage the economy, compared to 28% for the Liberals

Harris-Decima/ Canadian Press: NDP Support Slumps Amid Gun Divisions
The poll put the Conservatives at 33%, three points ahead of the Liberals.  The NDP trailed well behind at just 14% – down six points since April and only three points ahead of the Green party

Oct. 20/10
Harris/Decima: Conservatives and Liberals Deadlocked
Nationally, over the last two weeks, the Conservatives and Liberals are in a dead heat. The Conservatives stand at 32%, to 30% for the Liberals, 14% for the NDP, 10% for the BQ and 10% for the Greens

Oct. 14/10
EKOS/CBC News: Conservatives Widen Lead
The Conservatives have extended their lead over the Liberals. 34.4% of respondents said they would vote for the Tories if an election were held today — up from 33.1% two weeks ago. The Liberals received 27.8% support, down from 29.9 %

Oct. 13/10
Nanos/Globe and Mail: Tories Edge Ahead Of Liberals
The Tories are at 36.6% – up from 33.3% in September. For the first time in several months, the Conservatives have a slight marginal advantage over the Liberals, who dipped to 32.4% support from 32.8% last month

Sept. 21/10
Harris/Decima: Conservatives Hold Slight Lead while NDP Support Slips
Nationally, over the last two weeks, the Conservatives hold a three point lead. The Conservatives stand at 33%, to 30% for the Liberals, 14% for the NDP, 11% for the Greens and 10% for the BQ

Sept. 14/10
Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News: Tories On Shaky Ground
The Liberals have opened up a strong lead in seat-rich Ontario, and the Bloc Quebecois has a commanding lead over federalist parties in that provinince

Sept. 09/10
Nanos Research/Globe and Mail/CTV: Tories Poll Lead Evaporates
Conservatives are at 33.3% down from 35.6% while the Liberals are at 32.8%, up from 29.2%

Aug. 10/10
Ipsos-Reid/Postmedia:  Tories Liberals in Dead Heat
The popularity gap between the federal Tories and the Liberals has narrowed to a dead heat. The Conservatives would garner 34% of decided voters if a vote were held now and Liberals would get 31%, a difference that falls within the survey's margin of error. New Democrats would capture 15%, while the Green Party and Bloc Quebecois would each attract 9%

July 14/10
Environics/Reuters:  Conservatives Have Narrow Lead
The Conservatives have the support of 35% of decided voters, one point down from a poll conducted in May. The Liberals were up two points at 32%

June 22/10
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tory Support Undented By Nasty Session
Stephen Harper's Conservatives have sustained little lasting damage from an unproductive, acrimonious and scandal-plagued parliamentary session. The Tories emerged from the session with 34% support — a solid seven-point lead over the Liberals. The NDP were at 17% nationally and the Greens at 10%

June 09/10
HarrisDecima/CTV: Half Favour Liberal-NDP Cooperation
More than half of Canadians favour some sort of co-operation between the federal Liberals and New Democrats.  28% of Canadians favor a non-compete agreement between the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party

June 08/10
Nanos Research/Reuters: Summit Costs Hit Conservative Backing
Public support for the Conservatives is dropping amid controversy over how much a pair of big international summits will cost.
Backing for the Conservatives is 35.6%, down from 37.2 % in a poll done a month ago. The Liberals are at 29.2%, down from 33.2%

May  21/10
Ekos/National Post: Support Grows For Conservatives
34.4% of Canadians now back the minority Conservatives, up from 33.6% last week. Meanwhile, support for the Liberals, the main opposition party, fell to 25.1% from 27.1%

May 18/10
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Ignatieff Least Popular Leader
Michael Ignatieff is by far the least popular federal political leader. Only 26% of Canadians had a positive impression of the Liberal leader. Twice that number, 52%, had a negative impression, leaving Ignatieff with a net score of minus 26. Almost the same number -- 51%-- had an unfavourable impression of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. But he was viewed favourably by 42%, for a net score of minus nine.  NDP Leader Jack Layton scored a net rating of plus 10

May 10/10
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global Television: Canadians Believe Afghan Detainees Tortured
Of the 61% who believe torture occurred, 59% said they think the tactic was routine, compared to 34% who believe it happened only on rare occasions

May 06/10
Nanos Research/Globe and Mail: Conservatives Ahead
The Conservative government remains four points ahead of the Liberals, despite Jaffer/Guergis dust up. The Conservatives, at 37.2% improved slightly from their March number (34.7%), though the gains mostly registered in the Prairies, where the party is already overwhelmingly favoured. The Liberals are at 33.2%, down slightly from the March figure (34.6%)

April 30/10
Leger Marketing /CBC:  Tories' Lead Widens
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives have taken a wider lead over Michael Ignatieff's Liberals. The Conservatives had 36% support among respondents, while the Liberals were at 25%

April 24/10
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Conservatives Hold Lead
The Conservatives have the support of 35% of voters, down from 37% two week ago. The Liberals had the support of 29% of voters, up from 27% and the NDP is at 16%

April 12/10
Ipsos Reid/CanWest: Tory Support Climbs
The Conservatives have the support of 37% of voters, up from 34% a month ago. The opposition Liberals have the support of 27% of voters

April 06/10
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Canadians Not Thrilled With Tories Or Liberals
Canadians have little confidence in either the Conservatives or Liberals to manage the economy or reflect their values. Support for both parties remains tepid - 32% for the Tories and 29% for the Liberals

Mar. 20/10
Ipsos-Reid /CanWest: Conservatives Still Lead
The Conservatives held support at 34% down from 37% in a previous survey from the same company. The Liberals had 28% support, down from 29%

Mar. 10/10
Harris/Decima/ Sun Media: Majority Want Refugee Reform
The vast majority of Canadians say it’s time to reform our country’s refugee system, but they think it’s less important than strengthening the economy.

Mar. 02/10
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service /Global National: Harper Still Shy Of Majority
The Conservatives enjoyed the support of 37% of voters across the country, followed by the Liberals with 29% and the NDP with 16%

Feb. 18/10
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tories Gain Slight Edge Over Liberals
Conservatives and Liberals are locked in a tug-of-war for the hearts of voters who don't seem particularly keen on either of them. Tories have a slight edge at 32% to the Liberals' 30%

Feb. 13/10
Environics/Reuters: Liberals Lead                   
Canadian voters prefer the Liberals over the ruling Conservatives, a sign of discontent with the prime minister's decision to suspend Parliament until after the Olympics. Liberals picked up support from 37% of decided voters, compared with 33% for the Conservatives

Jan 27/10
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Conservatives, Liberals Tied
Conservatives and the Liberal Party are virtually tied, and an election now would most likely result in deadlock. The survey put the Conservatives at 32% in public support, with the Liberals at 31%. The New Democrats had 15%

Jan. 25/10
Ipsos-Reid/Reuters: Conservatives Hold Slim Lead
Conservatives have 34% voter support, compared to 31% for the opposition Liberals. Conservative support is down from 37% in November, while Liberal support has climbed from 24%

Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Prorogation Takes Hit On Tory Lead
Harper's personal popularity has taken a big hit and his party's lead over the Liberals has been cut almost in half. Overall Conservative support is unchanged at 34% the Liberals are up three points to 30%, while the NDP stand at 16%

Nov 26/09
Ekos/Reuters: Conservatives Keep Lead Despite Attacks
The Conservative Party has maintained a 10-point lead in popular support despite intense opposition attacks over its handling of Afghan detainees. Conservative support up slightly to 36.9% from 36.6% two weeks earlier and the Liberal Party up to 27.1% from 26.6%

Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: NDP Make Gains Over Tories, Liberals 
The federal New Democratic Party has vaulted to levels of voter approval not seen since before the last federal election. The NDP surged six percentage points to 19% support nationally; Conservatives fell three points to 37%, Liberals garnered 24%

Nov. 14/09
Nanos Research: Conservatives Hold Solid Lead
Conservatives retain a strong lead over their opponents, making it unlikely their minority government will face an election soon. Conservatives hold support at 38%, Liberals saw their support fall to 28.8%

Oct. 29/09
EKOS/CBC: Conservatives Keep Lead
Among decided respondents, the Conservatives drew 38.4% support, followed by the Liberals at 26.8% and the New Democratic Party at 16.7%

Oct. 22/09
EKOS/CBC: Tories Maintain Lead
The Conservative Party maintained its substantial advantage over the Liberal Party. The Conservatives had the support of 38.3%  of respondents, down from 40.7% last week. Liberal support rose to 27.1% from 25.5%

Oct. 11/09
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Conservatives Maintain Lead But Still Shy Of Majority
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives continue to enjoy a big lead in popular support over the opposition Liberals, but will need to shore up support in Ontario or Quebec to break into majority territory.  Conservatives have 39% support among decided voters across the country, up two percentage points from a survey in late September. The Liberals are running at 29% per cent, down one point

Oct 5, 2009
Strategic Counsel/CTV/Globe and Mail: Conservatives Take Big Lead
Conservatives have opened up a big lead and would most likely win a majority government if an election were held now. Conservatives are at 41% popular support, up six points from a poll done a month ago; the Liberals down two points at 28%; while New Democrats stayed at 14%

Sept. 21/09
Nanos Research/Financial Post: Canadian Confidence High On Economic Optimism
Canadian economic optimism is hitting levels not seen in nearly two years

Sep. 15/09
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service and Global National: Tories Maintain Strong Lead Over Liberals
The federal Conservatives continue to hold a commanding lead over their political rivals, while Liberal party leader Michael Ignatieff risks taking the blame in the event of a fall election that Canadians clearly do not want. Tories have the support of 39% of decided voters, Liberals have 30% support; NDP dropped two points to 12%

Sep. 08/09
Strategic Counsel/CTV/Globe and Mail: Tories Have The Edge
With Michael Ignatieff's Liberals insisting nothing will stop them from forcing an election, a new survey shows them trailing the Conservatives nationally by five percentage points and continuing their slide down the polling ratings in Quebec. Conservative support is at 35% of voters. The Liberals are at 30%; NDP are at 14, the Greens at 9 and the Bloc Québécois at 12

Aug. 23/09
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Harper’s Tories Open Big Lead Over Liberals
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have surged to a big lead over the opposition Liberals in the eyes of Canadian voters, a trend that could dampen speculation of a fall election. Conservatives now command 39% in support among decided voters, compared with 28% for the Liberals. The NDP stand in third at 14% of the vote

Aug. 17/09
Canadian Press/Harris-Decima: Most Canadians Optimistic About Economic Recovery
Canadians are feeling pretty good about where their economy is headed. Six in 10 Canadians think the economy will bounce back at least twice as strongly as it will in the United States

July 7/09
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail: Conservatives Reclaim Lead
Stephen Harper's Conservative Party has regained a slight lead in popular support over the opposition Liberals and appears set to gain momentum over the summer. Conservatives have 34% support and the Liberals 33%; NDP 15%

Jun 10/09
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tories On A Downslope In Support In Key Areas
Conservative support has been eroding in a vital Ontario battleground targeted by Tories, Liberals and New Democrats alike. The lead the Conservatives enjoyed in the 905 area code of southern Ontario during the last campaign has vanished and the Liberals enjoy a substantial edge in the region

Jun 6/09
Nanos:  Liberals Hold Narrow Lead
The Liberals hold a narrow lead over the Conservatives, but neither party has a good chance of winning a majority government. Liberals with 37% likely voter support, compared to 32% for the Conservatives

May 29/09
Leger Marketing/Sun Media: Canadians Have Lost Faith In Their Political Leaders
A majority of Canadians have lost faith in their political leaders in Ottawa and aren’t quite sure what the government stands for

May 25/09
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service and Global National: Tories Hold Slim Lead
The Liberals' steady surge in public support under Michael Ignatieff's leadership has levelled off, but the party remains in a tight race with the governing Conservatives. Conservatives have a slim lead with 35%, Liberals have dropped three points to 33%

May 02/09
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Grits Lead Tories Harper Tops Ignatieff
While the Liberal lead of 36% to 33% could be enough to form government, the poll found Prime Minister Stephen Harper outranking Ignatieff on many counts on the eve of a national Liberal convention vote confirming his four-month-old leadership

April 22/09
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tories Losing Ground In Key Provinces
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives are losing ground to Liberals and New Democrats in provinces that will hold the key to electoral victory

April 16/09
EKOS/CBC: Conservatives Slipping, Liberals Gaining
If an election were held tomorrow, 36.7% opted for the Liberals while 30.2% chose the Conservatives. About 15.5% supported the NDP, while the Green party was the choice of 8.1% and the Bloc Québécois was backed by 9.4%

Mar. 27 2009
Canadian Press Harris-Decima: Ignatieff Popularity Growing
People seem to be gradually warming to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, but many still have a love-him-or-hate him view of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The two men have similar levels of support, but Harper's negative ratings are much higher. 44% of respondents had a favourable view of Harper, while 45% were negative. Ignatieff got a favourable rating from 45%, but only 26%  held a negative view

Mar. 21/09
Nanos Research: Liberals Gain Support
Liberals have edged past the governing Conservatives in popularity, five months after suffering a sharp electoral defeat. Liberals at 36%, up 3% from the previous poll last month and 10% from the October election. The Conservatives were at 33%

Mar. 10/09
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV News: Tory Support Plummets In Quebec
Conservative support has plunged in Quebec, according to a new poll that suggests the party would lose some of its 10 seats in the province if an election were held today and would again be unable to form a majority government.

Feb. 10 2009
Strategic Counsel/CTV/Globe and Mail: Tories, Grits Nearly Tied
The Conservatives have suffered a drop in popular support across the country and are locked in a virtual dead heat with a newly resurgent Liberal party

Feb. 08/09
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest: Conservatives' Lead Narrows
Conservatives have seen their lead over the opposition Liberals slip after the release of the federal budget. The Conservatives at 37%  support, down 2 points from early January. The Liberals were up 3 points at 31%

Jan. 30/09
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail-CTV: Budget Fails To Quell Criticisms 0f PM 
Despite moderate support for the budget, most Canadians continue to hold Mr. Harper responsible for the crisis atmosphere that prompted it and believe he hasn't fundamentally changed

Jan. 26/09
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service: Tories Trusted, But Grits Gaining
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives remain most trusted by Canadians to manage the economy, but Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals are gaining ground

Jan. 12/09
Nanos Research/Canadian Press: Ignatieff Vaults Liberals Into Tie With Tories
The Liberal party has bounced back into contention with Michael Ignatieff at the helm.  Liberal support stood at 34%, one point ahead of the Conservatives and up eight points from the Liberals' dismal showing in the Oct. 14 election under the leadership of Stephane Dion

Dec. 12/08
Harris-Decima/The Canadian Press: Ignatieff Ascension To Liberal Leader Viewed Favourably
Canadians are favourably impressed by Michael Ignatieff’s installation as federal Liberal leader

Dec. 05/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail: Majority Prefers Keeping Conservative Government
Stephen Harper steered his Conservative Party to strong gains in national support during this week's unprecedented political crisis, but he sustained severe losses in Quebec and does not enjoy the trust of almost half of Canadians

Dec. 05/08
Ipsos Reid/Ottawa Citizen: Majority Of Canadians Want Harper To Lead Nation
Prime Minister Stephen Harper obtained a suspension of Parliament from Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean, effectively thwarting a Liberal-led coalition from seizing power. Canadians overwhelmingly approved of the move. 46% of Canadians say they'd vote for Harper if an election were held today

Dec. 2/08
Angus Reid/CTV News: Canadians Split On Removing Tories From Power
In the midst of a coalition showdown, Canadians are deeply divided on whether the Conservatives deserve to stay in power, with 35% saying the party should continue to govern and 40% wanting change

Nov. 19/08  
Nanos Research : Conservative Support Drops     
Support for the federal Conservatives appears to have peaked with the election, and fallen since

Nov 18/08
Leger Marketing/Globe and Mail/Le Devoir: Majority Within Charest's Grasp
Almost midway into the Quebec election campaign Jean Charest's Liberals have mustered enough support among a largely uninterested electorate to inch their way into majority government territory, but still need to solidify francophone voter support

Oct. 28/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Most Canadians Oppose Deficit
An overwhelming majority of Canadians say Finance Minister Jim Flaherty should slash the federal budget to balance the books for the next four years

Oct. 15/08
CTVNews: Harper Wins Strong Minority Government
Stephen Harper says Canadians have "chartered the way forward" for Canada, after strong gains in Ontario gave the Conservatives a larger minority government

Oct. 12/08
Strategic Counsel/CTV/Globe and Mail: Liberals, Tories Stumbling To Finish Line
Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion are limping to the finish line after a short, five-week campaign. Both leaders have failed to attract new supporters and Canadians face another minority government

Oct. 12/08
Harris-Decima /Canadian Press: Bloc's Quebec Strength Makes Ontario Critical For Tories
Strong Bloc Québécois support in Quebec has made Ontario a crucial battlefield for the Conservatives in the final two days of the election campaign. The Tories have 35% national support, followed by the Liberals at 25% and the NDP at 18%

Oct. 11/08
Strategic Counsel/CTV/Globe and Mail: Liberals Cut Lead, But Tories Solidly Out Front
The Liberals have cut into the Conservatives' lead in a new national poll but Stephen Harper remains poised to retain the keys to 24 Sussex Drive

Oct. 10/08
Ipsos-Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Tory Minority Seems Likely
Conservative support was at 34% compared to 29% for the Liberals, 18% for the New Democratic Party, nine per cent for the Bloc Quebecois and eight per cent for the Greens

Oct. 10/08
Ekos/National Post: Tories Once Again Within Reach Of Winning A Majority
The projection is that the Conservatives would take 152 of the 308 seats in the House of Commons, three short of a majority. The Liberals would be reduced to 60 seats, barely above the 57 the separatist Bloc Quebecois would take, while the New Democratic Party would take 39 seats

Oct. 10/08
Strategic Counsel/CTV: Conservatives' Fate Could Hinge On Ontario Vote
37% of Ontarians would vote for the Conservatives if the election were held today, while 32% indicated they would support the Liberals. The New Democrats would take 20% of the vote while the Green Party would receive 11%

Oct. 09/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tory Support Stabilizes
The Conservatives have arrested their steady slide in support in recent days, but remain locked in a narrow sprint to the finish. Conservatives the support of 32% of respondents, with the Liberals five points back at 27%

Oct. 08/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail: Liberals Gaining On Tories In Ontario But Likely To Lose Seats
The Liberals are still shrinking the gap with the leading Tories as Ontarians increasingly feel unease with re-electing Stephen Harper's Conservatives in the midst of economic shocks

Oct. 06/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Harper In Minority Territory
With eight days remaining until Canada votes and anxiety growing over the economy, the race between Liberals and Conservatives is tightening in Ontario and Quebec

Oct. 04/08
Toronto Star/Angus Reid: Tories Lead But Voter Volatility On The Rise
The Conservatives still hold a strong lead but shifting allegiances in Quebec and a sharp upsurge in ABC (Anybody But Conservative) thinking nationally could put a Tory majority victory out of reach

Oct. 04/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Conservative Majority Sliding Away
Stephen Harper's goal of attaining a majority government appears to be receding in the rear-view mirror as his campaign approaches the finish line

Oct. 04/08
Canwest News Service/Global National: Few Canadians Watched Election Debates
Canadians have declared Stephen Harper the winner of this week's leaders' debates, but few of those who watched the debates were convinced to change their vote

Oct. 03/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Bloc's Surge In Quebec Puts Tory Majority In Doubt
A steep drop in Conservative support among Quebecers appears to have stalled Stephen Harper's march toward a majority.  Bloc has surged 8% to 40% in support among decided voters, while the Conservatives have fallen six points to third place, at 18%

Oct. 03/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Harper Wins Debate With Layton Second
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper did exactly what he needed to do last night: weather the storm, and send Stéphane Dion packing. New Democrat Leader Jack Layton was ranked second with 25% of viewers saying he'd won. But it was Green Leader Elizabeth May who emerged the real winner of the round-table event to which she was initially excluded

Oct. 03/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Conservative Lead Widens In Pre-Debate Poll
Conservatives established a comfortable lead over their Liberal challengers. The Tories have 37% support, 15 points clear of the Liberals at just 22%

Sep. 30/08 
The Strategic Counsel/CTV/ Globe and Mail: Liberal Support Lowest Since Dion Took Leadership
Liberal support has fallen to its lowest point since Stephane Dion took leadership of the party, while 39% of Canadians would vote Conservative if an election were held today. The Liberals are now at 24% support, a distant 15 points behind the Tories

Sep. 29/08
Leger Marketing/National Post: Bloc Regains Lead Over Tories In Quebec
The Bloc Quebecois has regained a lead in support among Quebec voters. The BQ are now ahead, by 33% to 26%.  The Liberals are polling at 23% in Quebec, the New Democrats at 12% and the Greens at 5%

Sep. 29/08
Globe and Mail: Majority Movement Gains Speed As Harper's Lead Soars
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is entering the final two weeks of the election campaign with a much different pitch to the one the electorate heard at the start

Sep. 28 2008
Strategic Counsel/CTV: Low Expectations For Dion In Debates
Voters in 45 battleground ridings have extremely low expectations for Stephane Dion's performance in the televised debates, with just eight per cent predicting he will outperform the other leaders

Sep. 27/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: NDP Surging In Cities As Liberals Languish
Jack Layton's New Democrats have been reaping the benefits of an ongoing slide in Liberal support. NDP the support of 19% of respondents, up from 14% at the start of the campaign

Sep. 26/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service and Global National: Liberals Lose Ground
Support for the federal Liberal party is crumbling, so much so that the New Democratic Party appears to have a realistic chance of forming the official Opposition

Sep. 26/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV: Support For Tories' Justice Plan For Youths
Canadians outside Quebec are enthusiastic about a Conservative proposal to lower the minimum age for tougher sentences to 14

Sep. 24/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail: Liberals Failing To Draw Women Voters
The Liberal Party has failed to make any gains among Canadian women,  losing its grip on a key constituency even as the NDP and Green Party effectively woo female voters to their cause

Sep. 22/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Poll Gives Tories 15-Point Lead
Conservatives are maintaining their big lead over the Liberals, and remain in position to win a majority government. Tories at 38% support – down one percentage point – while the Liberals remained at 23%

Sep. 21/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV: Tories Holding Position To Form Government
Stéphane Dion's Liberals have failed to capitalize on an anti-Stephen Harper sentiment percolating among voters in key battleground ridings

Sep. 20/08
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service: Conservatives Well Ahead
Conservatives have a large lead over the Liberals and stand a good chance of winning a Parliamentary majority. Conservatives hold 40% public support, up two percentage points from a poll by the same company a week ago. The Liberals dropped two points to 27% while the New Democrats climbed two points to 15%

Sep. 19/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tories, Greens Up; NDP, Liberals Down
The Liberals and the NDP have slipped slightly in popular support, with the Tories and the Greens gaining ground. The Tories at 38%, the Liberals with 25%, down two points, NDP at 15%, off a point from the previous day, and the Green party up a point to 12%

Sep. 18/08
Leger Marketing/Journal de Montreal: Conservatives Outgun Separatists In Quebec
The separatist Bloc Quebecois is struggling.  Support for the Conservatives in Quebec at 34%, up from 30% two weeks ago. Support for the Bloc rose by two points to 32%

Sep. 17/08
Leger Marketing/Canwest News Service: NDP Surge In Quebec Deflates
Once dismissed as a non-entity in Quebec, the New Democrats have their best chance yet to break through in Quebec. But the NDP, whose Quebec support in summer polls soared to 16%, is now below 10%

Sep. 15/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press/CBC: Conservative Lead Softening
The Conservatives' substantial lead over the Liberals appears to be narrowing.  Liberals increase support to 27%, Tories down to 38%

Sep. 15/08
Ekos/Reuters: Liberals Could Suffer Big Loss
The Liberals could suffer their worst electoral showing in nearly a quarter century.  Conservatives were slipping away from their chance to form a majority government, but could still take twice as many seats as the Liberals

Sep. 15/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV: Tories Strengthen Their Grip 
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper will sharpen his attacks on Stéphane Dion starting today, as new polls show the Liberal Leader is failing to connect with voters or talk about the issues that mean the most to them

Sep. 14/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Leadership A Challenge For Dion
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's failure to connect with Canadians is emerging as a critical factor in the federal election and a key challenge for the Liberals entering the second week of the campaign

Sep. 13/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Tories Gain Nationally, Falter In Key Battlegrounds
Stephen Harper's Tories have a commanding lead over Stéphane Dion's Liberals nationally, but the Conservatives' failure to secure first place in the key electoral battlegrounds of Ontario and Quebec could stop them from winning a majority government

Sep. 12/08
Harris Decima/Canadian Press: Harper Headed For Majority
Conservatives have opened up a commanding 15-point lead over the Liberals, with 41% of respondents supporting the governing party

Sep. 11/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV News: Tories Taking On Bloc In Key Quebec Ridings
The Conservatives have made large gains in popular support in a number of Quebec battleground ridings that could reshape the Canadian political map

Sep. 11/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail: NDP Support Doubles In B.C.
The New Democratic Party has nearly doubled its support in British Columbia battleground ridings in less than a week at the expense of both the Liberals and the Conservatives

Sep. 11/08
Nanos Research/Reuters: Conservatives Take 5-point Lead
The Conservatives hold a five-point lead among voters in the October 14 election. Even so, the latest Nanos poll gives Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives a smaller lead over the Liberals than other recent surveys have indicated

Sep. 10/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV News: Tory Momentum Slowing In Key Ridings
The wave of rising support that the Conservatives rode into the election campaign appears to have ebbed in the country's crucial battleground ridings since the writ was dropped. The Conservatives have still gained ground since the last election in 45 ridings where the races were close, but their opponents have rebounded a little

Segma/Ottawa Citizen/La Presse: Tories Positioned For Majority
Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper may be able to transform his minority government into a strong majority in the Oct. 14 election. Conservatives would get 43%: Liberals would get 25%

STRATEGIC COUNCIL/Globe and Mail/CTV News: Tories Seize Lead In Key Ridings
Voters in pivotal regional battle- grounds across Canada have shifted their support toward the Harper Tories. In 45 hotly contested constituencies in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia the Conservative Party has made significant gains over its performance of 2006

Sep. 06/08
Ipsos Reid/Vancouver Sun: Tories Have Big Lead In B.C 
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his ruling Conservatives are entering the fall election campaign with a commanding lead in British Columbia.  The Tories are supported by 43% of voters, compared to the Liberals at 27% and the NDP at 16%

Sep. 06/08
Ipsos Reid/The Leader-Post: Tory Sweep In Sask. Expected
The Conservatives could be headed towards another near-sweep of Saskatchewan in the fall election

Sep. 05/08
Leger Marketing: Separatist Support Plunges In Quebec
Support in Quebec for the separatist Bloc Quebecois has plummeted ahead of an expected October 14 federal election. The Bloc are tied with Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives at 30% in Quebec

Sep. 03/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Harper Best Pick For PM
Stephen Harper heads into the federal election as the country's preferred choice as prime minister. Asked who would make the best prime minister, 49.9% chose Mr. Harper, followed by NDP leader Jack Layton at 30.5% and Mr. Dion at 19.6%

Sep. 01 2008
Strategic Counsel/CTV/Globe and Mail: Fall Election Right Tme For Conservatives
A new poll suggests Prime Minister Stephen Harper has chosen the most opportune time to push for an election, with the Conservatives enjoying an eight-point lead at the end of a quiet summer recess -- and before a possible economic downturn.
Conservatives: 37%; Liberals: 29%;New Democrats: 17%; Green Party: 9%

Aug. 30/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Grits, Tories Tied
With a federal election campaign set to get underway within days, a  the Conservatives and Liberals statistically tied, setting up a contest that could be determined by which party runs the most effective campaign

Nanos Research/Sun Media: Liberals Conservatives Gripped In Deadlock
National support for the Liberals is 35% and for the Conservatives  33%, virtually no shift from the last poll

Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Canadians Expect Fall Election
Canadians appear to accept Prime Minister Stephen Harper's impending decision to override his fixed-election-date law and call a snap campaign. Conservatives and Liberals remain in a statistical dead heat in popular support

Aug. 20/08
Canwest News Service: Confidence In Tories Eroding
The extensive survey, conducted for the Privy Council Office, found Canadians are split in their judgment of the government's performance, with 34% positive and 35% negative

Aug. 18/08
Ipsos-Reid/Canwest News Service: Canadians Warming To Federal Election
Canadians are warming to the idea of a federal election "to clear the air." Also says that if an election were held today, the ruling Conservatives would only be able to score another minority government

Aug. 15/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Canadians Prefer Tories On Leadership And Most Major Issues
Canadians prefer Conservatives over Liberals when it comes to leadership and most major issues - even though that preference has not translated into popular support for the governing party.
43% of Canadians think the Tories, with Stephen Harper at the helm, have the best leader to be prime minister. Only 22% of those polled picked the Liberals, led by Stephane Dion

Aug. 13/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Trouble For Tories
The Liberals have pulled ahead in support in Ontario and Quebec, crucial battlegrounds that will determine the outcome of a nationwide vote. Nationally, Liberal support was up slightly to 33%, statistically tied with the Tories at 32% and followed by the NDP at 15% and the Greens at six per cent

Aug. 01/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Tory Majority Still Out Of Reach
If Prime Minister Stephen Harper successfully goads Liberal Leader Stephane Dion into forcing a fall election, Harper may not be so pleased with the results. 34% of Canadians support Harper's Conservatives, while Dion's Liberals are sitting at 30%

July 08/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Canadians Want Firm Action On Environment
Most Canadians still want aggressive government action to fight climate change. The findings appear to fly in the face of the notion that Canadians, shocked by record-high oil and gasoline prices, won't stomach environmental policies that drive up their cost of living even further

July 03/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tories Losing Ground
The federal Conservatives have lost key support amongst women, Quebecers and Ontario voters. The Tories and Liberals are tied at about 31% of national support

June 29/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV: Canadians Oppose Iraq War
Canadians are solidly opposed to the war in Iraq and most Americans now believe that our decision not to join that prolonged and unpopular conflict was a good one

June 9/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tories Have Little Room To Grow
A polarized electorate may be tilting toward the federal Liberals at the expense of Stephen Harper's Conservative government. 44% of respondents said they'd prefer a Liberal government after the next election, compared with 37% who preferred the Conservatives

June 06/08
Nanos Research/Policy Options: Immigration Policy Should Focus On National Workforce
A majority of Canadians think the government's immigration policy should focus on pumping up the national workforce and reuniting families

June 02/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest: Conservatives Widen Lead
The ruling Conservatives widened their lead against the opposition Liberals as voters shrugged off the resignation of the foreign minister after he left confidential documents at the home of an ex-girlfriend. 36% of voters supported the Conservatives, up from 35% a month earlier. Support for the Liberals fell to 29%from 32%

June 02/08
CROP/La Presse: Liberals Fall To Fourth Place In Quebec
The federal Liberals have slipped to a shaky fourth place in Quebec. the Liberals trailing the Bloc Quebecois, the Conservatives and now even the NDP

June 02, 2008
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service and Global National: Fewer Canadians Believe Country On 'Right Track'
Although the Conservatives hold a seven-point lead in popularity over the second-place Liberals, there has been a plunge in the proportion of the population that thinks the country is on the "right track." Those saying Canada is on the "right track" fell to 55% from 67% in October, a drop the pollsters attributed to heightened economic uncertainty

May 31/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Canadians Divided Over Bernier Affair
Canadians are divided over whether former foreign minister Maxime Bernier's fall is a matter of personal privacy. A slim majority, 55%, want the RCMP to investigate whether Mr. Bernier breached national security

May 29/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Satisfaction With Harper Government Plunges
The survey indicates satisfaction fell to 40% from 53% - with majority dissatisfaction in every region of the country except Alberta

May 27/08
Nanos Research/Sun Media: Olympic Boycott Fizzles
No matter how reviled Canadians may have been by images of Chinese security forces beating Tibetan monks to a pulp, public support for a retaliatory boycott of this summer's Beijing Olympics has all but evaporated

May 23/08
Nanos Research-Sun Media: Conservatives Liberals In Dead Heat
Despite landing a flurry of jabs that have shaken the Conservative government, the Opposition Liberals have been unable to convince Canadians they can go the distance. Liberals at 34% and the ruling Conservatives at 33%, compared to 36% and 36% respectively in April

May 21/08
Nanos Research-Sun Media: Canadians Fear The Worst For Economy
Despite a strong dollar and employment rate, only 13% of Canadians are pinning their hopes on a rosier economic picture in the next six months

May 14/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV: Tories Losing Ground
The federal Tories have emerged from a controversy-laden winter scarcely ahead of the equally beat-up Liberals as Canadians express insecurity about their children's economic future. Conservatives a scant three percentage points ahead Liberals, 34 to 31

May 09/08
Nanos Research/CPAC/Sun Media: Harper Most Trustworthy Leader
Canadians continue to see Stephen Harper as, by far, the most competent, trustworthy and visionary federal leader. Fully 31% of those surveyed believed Harper had the best vision for Canada. Dion and Layton dallied at 14% each

May 07/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Most Canadians Support Carbon Tax
Most Canadians support the idea of a carbon tax – but an overwhelming majority favour the broader principle of using the tax system to punish or reward environmental behaviour

May 3, 2008
Ipsos Reid/CanWest: Conservatives In The Lead
The Conservatives were ahead of the Liberals, but neither party has enough support to be sure of winning a majority in Parliament. Conservatives with 34%, down one point from the 35% the party gleaned last month. Support for the Liberals also eased one point, falling to 29% from 30%, while support for the Greens and New Democrats, was up one point at 11% and 17% respectively

April 27/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Economic Fears, Lack Of Optimism Are Problems For Tories
A new survey suggests 55% of respondents felt Harper doesn't offer much optimism or inspiration. 56% were worried about a recession and 53% said they felt the Tories don't care about the same issues they do

April 17/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV: Canada Too Accommodating To Minorities
Most Canadians believe their country is too accommodating when it comes to the country's "visible minorities. 61% thought Canada does too much for members of the visible or non-white minorities

April 16/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Women Voters Turn Away From Tories
Women are making waves in voting intention, sweeping the Liberals into a slight lead over the Conservatives. The poll put Liberal support at 33%, compared to 30% for the Tories nationally. The Liberals led the Conservatives in Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada and B.C.

April 15/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail: Tory Support Retreats To 2006 Levels
The federal Tories have ended their flirtation with majority government territory. While the Tories appear to be improving their standing with Quebec voters, they have lost support in Ontario since Finance Minister Jim Flaherty launched attacks on the province's Liberal government

April 12/08
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News: Conservatives Widen Lead
The Conservatives have widened their lead over the Liberals, but the figures give no party a clear chance of winning a majority government. Support for the Conservatives at 35%, unchanged from a poll in March. But support for the Liberals fell to 30%, from 32%

April 11/08
Nanos Research/Sun Media: Conservatives And Liberals In Dead Heat
The Liberals and Tories are deadlocked at 36% each among decided voters. But while neither party has sprinted ahead of the other, the numbers clearly show support sagging for the NDP

April 08, 2008
Ipsos-Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: No Limit on Flag Lowering
A strong majority of Canadians - two out of three - say they want the Canadian flag atop the Peace Tower to fly at half-mast every time a soldier dies overseas

April 01/08
Angus Reid Strategies/Toronto Star: Dion's Popularity Sinks Even Lower
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have taken a 10-point lead over the Liberals as Stéphane Dion's unpopularity with voters plumbs new depths.The Conservatives enjoy the support of 36% of Canadians – roughly the same level as the 2006 election – but the Liberals have dropped to 26%, down two percentage points in the last month and four percentage points from the 2006 vote

Mar. 31/08
CROP/La Presse: Liberal Support Freefalls in Québec
Federal Liberals a distant third in the province behind the Bloc Québécois and the Conservatives.
The Bloc down to 30% support, with the Conservatives just a point behind at 29%. The Liberals stand at 20%

Mar. 25/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Tories, Liberals Dead Even
The governing Conservatives and opposition Liberals are deadlocked.
The Conservatives and the Liberals are in a virtual tie in public support. The Tories remained at 35% and the Liberals at 33%

Mar. 18/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Conservatives and Liberals Tied
The Conservatives and Liberals are tied in the polls, with neither party enjoying enough public support to guarantee even a stable minority government. The poll both parties on 32%

Mar. 18/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV: Conservatives Well Ahead
Conservatives have taken a commanding lead over the opposition Liberals but do not have enough support to obtain a majority government in the next election. Conservatives were at 38%,the Liberals were steady at 27%

Mar. 15/08
Ipsos Reid/ Canwest News Service/Global National: Tax Breaks, Yes -- Federal Election, No
A solid majority of Canadians say they support Liberal-initiated legislation that would provide tax deductions for contributions to Registered Education Savings Plans but few want to go to the polls over the issue. 56% of those surveyed gave the plan a nod of approval, despite being advised the minority Conservative government has said implementing the legislation might cause it to run a defici

Mar. 08/08
Léger Marketing/Association for Canadian Studies: Bilingualism Doesn't Unite Canada
Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau's dream of a Canada united by bilingualism appears to be fading everywhere in Canada except in Quebec. Only 40% of Canadians agreed that bilingualism keeps the country united

Mar. 08/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Nearly A Third Say PM Lying
More than four in 10 Canadians believe allegations Conservative party officials offered dying MP Chuck Cadman a $1-million life insurance policy to gain his support in a crucial vote, and nearly one in three don't believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper is telling the truth when he says he did not know of it. Only three in 10 Canadians think Mr. Harper would be right to sue Stephane Dion for publishing the allegations on the party's Web site

Mar. 04/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tories and Liberals Flat-Lining
Canada's ruling Conservatives and the official opposition Liberals have both lost public support and are virtually tied. Support for the Conservatives at 31%, four percentage points down from two weeks ago. The Liberals were down three points at 30%

Feb. 21/08
CTV/Globe and Mail/Strategic Counsel: Conservatives Flirting With Majority
Stephen Harper's Conservatives have gained their strongest lead over the Liberals since first taking power in 2006, and have edged ahead in support on almost every key issue

Feb 20/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Election Would Be Tory-Liberal Dogfight
A new poll suggests no federal party should be in a rush to force a spring election, with the Conservatives and Liberals locked in a virtual dead heat. The survey put the Tories at 35% and the Liberals at 33%

Nanos Research/Sun Media: Grits, Tories Almost Tied
The Liberals and Tories are virtually tied for support among Canadians, meaning that if a federal election were held today, either could form a minority government. Liberals have 33% and the Conservatives 31%

Jan. 31/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News/Global Television: Canadians Support New Stand On Clemency
The Conservative government appears to have won over a majority of the country to its hands-off stance toward Canadians facing execution in foreign countries. 53% of respondents now back the government's decision, with 45% opposed

Jan. 28/08
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest: Conservatives Retake Lead
The ruling Conservatives have regained a lead over the opposition Liberals, but do not have enough public support to gain a majority in a new election. Conservatives at 37% support; Liberals were down six points to 29%

Jan. 28/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Liberals Pull Ahead Of Tories
A new poll suggests the Liberals have pulled ahead of the Conservatives amid bad news on the economy and controversy over the Afghan military mission. The survey indicates the Liberals were the party of choice for 32% of respondents, compared to 29% for the Tories

Jan. 27/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Canadians See Parties As Interchangeable
Canadians have little attachment to political parties and increasingly view the two main political competitors - the Conservatives and the Liberals - as interchangeable

Jan. 25/08
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Manley Report Recieved Cautiosly
As Canadians digested the Manley Report recommendations, poll suggests Canadians are open to an extension of mission for non-combat purposes. The portion of Canadians who want troops to withdraw from Afghanistan has dropped seven points to 37%

Jan. 25/08
Innovative Research Group/Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute/Globe and Mail: Report's Recommendations Welcome
Canadians are giving a supportive welcome to John Manley's report on Canada's involvement in Afghanistan, with 49 per cent of voters surveyed saying they would back extending the mission if Mr. Manley's conditions are met

Jan. 24/08
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Only One In Five Canadians Want 2008 Election
Only about one in five Canadians want a federal election this year. 58% wanted the election in 2009, while only 22% wanted one this year

STRATEGIC COUNSEL/ GLOBE AND MAIL: Alberta Conservatives Would Roll to Victory
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach would build on the Progressive Conservative Party's huge electoral victory of 2004, despite voters who say the Tories' 37 years in power is too long for any party

Jan 18/08
Leger Marketing: Quebec Liberals Leading Separatists
Quebec's ruling Liberal party has a slight lead over the Parti Quebecois. Liberals' public popularity is at 33% compared with 30% for the PQ and 27% for the Action Democratique du Quebec

Jan. 15/08
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV News: Tories Have Six Point Lead
If an election were held today, 36% of Canadians would vote for the Tories and 30% for the Liberals, precisely the same percentage of votes each party earned during the 2006 election

Jan. 14/08
Strategic Counsel/CT/Globe and Mail: Dion's Approval Rating Down
Over the past year, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's approval rating has plummeted across Canada. Dion is the only national party leader to show a significant drop in support

Jan. 12/08
Ipsos-Reid/Canwest News Service/Global National: Liberals Regain Slight Lead
Stephane Dion's Liberals have taken a slight lead on the federal Conservatives in public support, based mostly on a surge in Stephen Harper's home province of Alberta

Jan. 10/08
Harris-Decima/CANADIAN PRESS: Tories Jumped Seven Points During Holidays
With politics largely out of the news and Prime Minister Stephen Harper almost totally absent from public sight, a new poll says the Conservatives jumped to a seven-point lead over the holidays

Jan. 03/08
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service/Global National: Harper Majority Unlikely
Canadians predict Stephen Harper and Hillary Clinton will win in national elections this year in their respective countries, but only one in three thinks the Conservative prime minister can break through and obtain a majority government

Dec. 21/07
Léger Marketing/Association for Canadian Studies: Quebecers Split On Outcome Of "Reasonable Accommodations" Hearings
Quebecers are divided on whether the Bouchard-Taylor commission's hearings were a useful exercise. And more than ever, they're pessimistic the hearings did anything to help settle the issue of "reasonable accommodations" of minorities

Dec. 21/07
CanWest News Service/Global National: Canadians Equally Skeptical of Mulroney and Schreiber
Canadians are evenly split in their distrust of Brian Mulroney and Karlheinz Schreiber

Dec. 18/07
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Most Canadians Don't Want Mulroney-Schreiber Inquiry
Most Canadians don't want a public inquiry into Brian Mulroney's business dealings with Karlheinz Schreiber. 52% of respondents want to avoid the spectacle

Dec. 8/07
Ipsos Reid/National Post: Support Sags For Conservatives
Parliamentary hearings into payments to a former prime minister more than a decade ago have sapped support for the ruling Conservatives

Dec. 5/07
Decima/Harris/Canadian Press: Tories Immune To Mulroney-Schreiber Fallout
A new poll suggests saturation coverage of the Mulroney-Schreiber affair hasn't hurt the electoral prospects of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives. The survey puts the Tories at 36% support nationally, compared to 28% for the Liberals; unchanged from a survey two weeks ago

Nanos Research/Sun Media: Dion Fails To Impress
After one year at the helm of the Liberal party of Canada, Stephane Dion has failed to convince Canadians he's a Grit bridge-builder with grand visions for the country. 21.6% of Canadians think Dion has done a good or very good job of communicating his vision for Canada

Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service/Global National: Schreiber Should Testify
Almost two-thirds of Canadians believe Karlheinz Schreiber should be kept in Canada long enough to testify at a public inquiry into his dealings with former prime minister Brian Mulroney, even though most of them predict the probe will turn out to be a waste of money

Ipsos Reid/ CanWest News Service/Global National: Liberals Narrowing Gap With Tories
In the midst of the Mulroney-Schreiber affair, Liberal leader Stephane Dion and his party have narrowed the gap in support among decided voters between them and the leading Conservatives. Tories had dropped to 39% support - a decline of three percentage points - while the Liberals had been bumped up one point to 29%

Nov. 20/07
Harris-Decima/CANADIAN PRESS: Tories Widen Lead
Fallout from the Brian Mulroney-Karlheinz Schreiber affair does not appear to have hurt Stephen Harper's Conservative government

Nov. 15/07
SES-Sun Media: Tories, Liberals Deadlock Lingers
Federal Conservatives remain stuck in a virtual tie with the Liberals even as Stephen Harper sprints ahead as Canadians' top pick for best prime minister. Support among decided voters is static from 90 days ago, at 35% for the Tories and 34% for the Liberals

Nov. 14/07 
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV News: Tories Not On Hook For Mulroney-Schreiber Controversy
Canadians say the Conservative government deserves the benefit of the doubt over the Brian Mulroney controversy, while rejecting the notion of giving a similar break to the former prime minister. 66% of those surveyed believe the allegations about Mr. Mulroney are totally unrelated to the current Conservative government

Nov. 13/07
Strategic Counsel/CTV/The Globe and Mail: Tory Support Dips
A surprise announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to investigate new and troubling allegations into the Airbus affair has led to a dip in Tory Government support. Poll found the Conservatives and Liberals are neck-and-neck nationally -- each with 32%

Nov. 13/07
SES-Sun Media: Harper Best Choice For PM
Stephen Harper has opened a commanding 20 point lead over Jack Layton (who is ranked the second best choice for Prime Minister. Stephen Harper 37%; Jack Layton 17%; Stephane Dion 13%

Nov. 12/07
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Opposition To Tory Policy On Death-Penalty Clemency
Most Canadians don't agree with the Tory government's decision to stop automatically seeking clemency for any citizen facing the death penalty abroad. Survey found 50% of respondents opposed the new policy, with 43% in favour and the rest undecided

Nov. 12/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service: Most Canadians would keep Reformed Senate
Canadians overwhelmingly favour holding a referendum on the future of the Senate, but the majority would vote for reforming the chamber of sober second thought, rather than abolishing it

Nov. 09/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service/Global National: Tories Closer To Majority
Fuelled by unprecedented support in Quebec, the federal Conservative party has zoomed to 42% support among decided voters, a high water mark that puts Prime Minister Stephen Harper closer to his goal of winning a majority government

Nov. 08/07
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Tory Mini-Budget Big Hit
The vast majority of Canadians approved of the Conservative government's Halloween mini-budget, with the income-tax cuts seen as a particular treat. 84% of Canadians supported Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's plan to increase the basic exemption for personal income tax

Nov. 05/07
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Good News For Harper Government's Environment Policies
A new poll suggests the Harper government is receiving high marks on its throne speech statements about climate change policy, but not for its military mission in Afghanistan

Oct. 30/07
Harris/Decima/Canadian Press: Tories Stall
A new survey suggests the Tories have gotten no political bounce yet from the strength of the Canadian economy since they took office in 2006

Oct. 29/07
Ipsos-Reid/Reuters: Conservatives Slip In Poll, Still Ahead
Conservatives have slipped slightly in public support but are still well ahead of the opposition Liberals. Conservatives held 39%, down one point from a poll a week before. The Liberals were steady at 27% while support for the New Democrats rose three points to 17%

Oct. 20/07
Léger Marketing/The Gazette: Most Quebecers Want Immigrants To Assimilate
Like other Canadians, most Quebecers are happy in principle with immigrants and ethnic groups. But unlike the rest of the country, a new poll suggests, they want minorities to assimilate

Oct. 19/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service: Fears of Harper Majority Waning
Most Canadians say the best outcome of the next federal election would be a majority government

Oct. 16/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service/Global National: Harper More Popular Than Dion
Stephen Harper has never been accused of being the Mr. Charisma of Canadian politics, but the prime minister swamps his chief rival, Liberal Stephane Dion, in the leadership ratings
Nationally, it says 63 per cent of Canadians gave Harper "great" or "good" leadership marks, compared with only 36 per cent for Dion

Oct. 13/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service/Global National: Tories Surge Toward Majority
The federal Conservatives have surged to 40 per cent in the popularity sweepstakes, opening a 12-point lead over the Liberals and moving within sight of majority government

Oct. 15/07
Strategic Counse/CTV/The Globe and Mail: Liberals Take Hit In Support, Tories Unchanged
A new poll shows support for the Liberals took a hit this month while Conservatives failed to find new potential voters, suggesting a possible election after Tuesday's throne speech would result in another minority government

Oct. 09/07
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Harper Tories Seven Point Spread On Sagging Liberals
The federal Conservatives have begun putting some distance between themselves and the sagging Liberal party. Survey indicates a seven percentage point spread between Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s governing Tories and Stephane Dion’s opposition Grits

Oct. 09/07
Strategic Counsel/ Globe and Mail/CTV: Ontario Liberals Ahead
Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory's proposal to fund faith-based schools has inflicted enormous damage on his party, leaving it trailing 15 points behind the Liberals on the eve of tomorrow's election

Oct. 06/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service/Global News: Ontario Liberals Winning
Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberals are cruising to another majority government next Wednesday thanks to Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory's pledge to fund religious schools

Oct. 03/07
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Liberals Still Even With Tories Despite Bad News
Despite a hellish month the federal Liberals remain in a statistical dead heat with the Conservatives in public support

Sept. 30/07
SES Research/Policy Options/CTV News: Most North Americans Support Free Trade
Twenty years after Canada and the United States negotiated the controversial Free Trade Agreement, most North Americans believe the deal fueled economic growth. 77% of Americans and 73% of Canadians now believe free trade is crucial to North America's continued prosperity

Sept. 28/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service: Ontario Liberals On Course For Majority
The Ontario Liberals have the support of 43% of decided voters, compared to 33% for John Tory's Conservatives. The NDP and Green party trail with 17% and six per cent respectively

Sept. 25/07
SES Research/Ottawa Citizen: Most Canadians Want Limits On Accommodating Minorities
Most Canadians want limits on accommodating the cultural demands of new immigrants and religious minorities. Only 18% of Canadians say cultural and religious minorities should be totally accommodated in Canada, with 53% saying immigrants should fully adapt to the Canadian way of life

Sept. 20/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service/Global Television: Tories, Liberals Deadlocked In Ontraio
40% of voters support the Liberals, compared with 37% for the Tories, 16% for the NDP and six per cent for the Green party

Sept. 18/07
Harris-Decima/Canadian Press: Federal Liberals, Tories Virtually Tied In Popular Support
Despite their byelection success in Quebec, the federal Conservatives aren't making much progress toward the level of support they need to give them their hoped-for majority. The Tories deadlocked with the Liberals in public support, with no signs of momentum. In Québec, Conservatives had 32% support compared with 29% for the Liberals

Sept. 17/07
The Strategic Counsel/CTV/The Globe and Mail: Ontario Conservative Leader Held Back Over Religious Schools Plan
Despite popularity among the electorate enjoyed by Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory, his proposal to fund faith-based schools was "dead-on-arrival" for the large majority of Ontarians. Approximately two-thirds (71%) of Ontarians say that they oppose the funding of private, faith-based schools. Just 26% are in favour

Sept. 10/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service/Global Television: Ontario Liberal Lead Erodes
The Liberal lead over the Progressive Conservatives has dipped to five points even as a majority of voters oppose John Tory's plan for faith-based funding. Premier Dalton McGuinty's governing party has 41% voter support against 36% for the Conservatives

Aug. 30/07
Ipsos Reid/Senlis Council/CanWest News Service: Canadians Back Afghan Poppy Cultivation For Medicine
Eight in 10 Canadians want Prime Minister Stephen Harper to get behind an international pilot project that would help transform Afghanistan's illicit opium cultivation into a legal way of providing codeine and other legitimate pain medications to the international market

Aug. 28/07
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV: Tories Could Capitalize On Soft Liberal Vote
The Conservatives and the Liberals are deadlocked, with each being named as the first choice of 33% of respondents. But the survey also found Liberal voters are less committed to their party than Conservative supporters

Aug. 27/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service/Global National: Support For Afghan War Effort Stable
Canadian support for the military mission in Afghanistan remains surprisingly stable, including in Quebec, despite the loss of three soldiers from that province in the past week

Aug. 21, 2007
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service/Global Television: Ontario Liberal Majority In Reach
A majority government is still a possibility for Ontario's ruling Liberals, who don't appear to be hurt by a potentially damaging recent spending scandal. Since June, support for the Liberals in the Greater Toronto Area moved up six points, to 44% from 38%, Tory support in the GTA dropped five points, to 34%, over the same period

Aug. 20, 2007
Globe and Mail: Ontario Liberal Support Slips To Minority Status
The Ontario Liberals are losing support to both the New Democrats and the Green Party, according to a new poll that shows Premier Dalton McGuinty forming a minority government with less than 60 days to go before the election

Aug. 14/07
SES/ Sun Media: Harper Not In Majority Territory
A majority government remains out of reach for the federal Conservatives.
Tory popularity rose four points to 36% in the last quarter. The Liberals are stalled at 33%

Aug.  8/07
Decima Research/Canadian Press: Time For Harper To Map Out New Direction
Nearly half of Canadians think the Harper government lacks a clear agenda. 46% of respondents said they were not sure where the Conservative government wants to go

Aug. 02/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service/Global National: Conservatives Are Failing To Impress
Despite controlling the government benches for the last 18 months, Stephen Harper's Conservatives are still failing to improve their support among the electorate.
The Tories are stalled at 34-per-cent support nationally, a slight dip from the 36 per cent they secured when they won the election Jan. 23, 2006

July 25/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service: Green Party’s Growing Support Soft
The Green party's doubling in popular support, as reflected in national polls during the past year, has coincided with the environment becoming the top-of-mind issue in the country. But some pollsters think the support may not translate into more votes for leader Elizabeth May and her party in the next election

July 19/07
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV News: Harper Failing To Sway Country
Discomfort with Stephen Harper's Conservatives is deepening among women, francophones and wealthier Canadians. Both Liberals and Tories enjoy the backing of 31% of the electorate, a drop of three points for the Tories from last month, but not a change for the Liberals. The NDP is supported by 17% and the Greens by 10%

July 12/07
Decima Research/Canadian Press: Support for Afghan Intervention Waning
A growing number of Canadians, especially in Quebec, say the rising death toll among troops in Afghanistan is too high a price to pay for helping the troubled country. 67% of those asked believe the number of casualties has been unacceptable, a five-percentage-point rise from a poll taken a little over a month ago

July 11/07
Environics Research Group/ CanWest News Service: Tories Still Shy Of Majority
As Canadians began to head off for summer vacation, they were still in no mood to grant Prime Minister Stephen Harper the kind of support that would translate into a majority government in another election, a new opinion poll suggested. The Conservatives had 37% support; the Liberals 28%; NDP 17%; Greens 11% and Bloc Quebecois 7%

June 13/07
The Strategic Counsel/CTV/Globe and Mail: Majority Of Canadians Do Not Want Dion As PM
Dion is not connecting with Canadians, especially in his home province of Quebec.
Overall, only 20 per cent of those polled wanted Dion

June 12/07
Decima Research/Canadian Press: Tories Fall 3 Points Behind The Liberals
The federal Conservatives have fallen three percentage points behind the Liberals in popular support. Liberal support was at 32%, Conservatives at 29 and the NDP at 18. The Bloc Quebecois and Green party were tied nationally at nine per cent

June 11/07
Decima Research/Canadian Press: Majority Want Afghan Mission To End In 2009
The vast majority of Canadians want this country's military mission in Afghanistan to end as scheduled in 2009. Two-thirds of respondents want Canadian troops to come home when the current mandate from Parliament expires in February 2009

June 11/07
Decima Research/Canadian Press: Canadians Like Free Trade, But Wary Of China
A majority of Canadians support the idea of free trade with most of Canada’s major trading partners — but not with China. 58% of those polled said free trade with the United States has been a good thing, while 33% disagreed. Asked about negotiating an agreement with China; just 28% said they liked the idea, while 62% were against it

June 04/07
Ipsos Reid/The Ottawa Citizen: Parties Mired In Political Doldrums
There would be little to gain for any of the political parties from triggering an election at this time, poll results today suggest. Support for the Conservatives slipped three points to 34% nationally, while support for the Liberals is at 31% and the NDP at 16% remained unchanged from a week earlier

May 29/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service: Ontario Headed for Minority Government
Ontario's Oct. 10 election is up for grabs, as a minority government appears a distinct possibility. The provincial Liberals have 41% support among respondents, the Conservatives 37% support, the NDP 15% and the Green party six per cent

May 26/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service/Global National: Political Bickering Fails to Shake Poll Numbers Canadians have tuned out the recent bickering and circus-like atmosphere in Parliament and are convinced the minority Conservative government is working. Conservative party was holding onto a steady lead with 37% support, versus 31% for the Liberals and 16% for the NDP. Bloc Quebecois, which slipped to second place in Quebec with 24% support, behind the Tories with 28%, but ahead of the Liberals who had 20%

May 24/07
Decima poll Canadian Press: Tories Marginally Lead Liberals
The poll gives the Tories 33% support overall, with 31% for the Liberals, 17% NDP, 10% Green and eight per cent favouring the Bloc Quebecois

May 19/07
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail: Conservatives' Lead Dwindles
Tories three percentage points head of Stéphane Dion's Liberals, 34-31. The NDP, buoyed by gains in the West, rose three percentage points to 16%

May 11/07
CanWest News Service and Global National: Canadians Reject Tory Green Plan
Canadians do not believe Conservatives dire warnings the Kyoto protocol would lead to a deep economic recession. Liberals are now, nationally, at 32%, followed by the Conservatives at 31%, the NDP at 17%, and the Green party at 9%

May 10/07
Decima/Canadian Press: Tories Flop On Green Plan, Afghan Issue
Canadians are not impressed with the Conservative government's handling of the Afghan detainee issue or its new green plan

May 05/07
Ipsos Reid/Canwest News Service and Global National: Major Parties Deadlocked
Under attack on two fronts for their handling of the Afghanistan mission and the rollout of their green plan, Stephen Harper's Conservatives have slipped into a virtual tie with the Liberals in support. The Conservatives command 35% in support among decided voters, compared with 34% for the Liberals; the NDP sit at 14%, the Bloc Quebecois at 9%, and the Green party at 7%

May 02, 2007
Decima/Canadian Press: Conservatives Slip To Second Place In Polls
Conservatives have slipped to second place amid increasing public unhappiness over their environmental policies and a scandal over alleged abuse of Afghan detainees. Support for the minority Conservative government at 30%, the opposition Liberals rose two points to 31%

April 26/07
Decima Research/ CP: Tories, Grits In Dead Heat
Tory support nationally at a mere 30%, compared with 29% for the Liberals, 18% for the NDP, 11% for the Green party and eight per cent for the Bloc Quebecois

April 25/07
Strategic Counsel/CTV/The Globe and Mail: Spring Federal Vote Is Unlikely
A new poll suggests the two main political parties hold essentially the same level of public support as they did after the Jan. 23, 2006 federal election

April 25/07
Léger Marketing/CBC News: Francophones Estranged From Quebec Liberals
Francophone voters overwhelmingly snubbed the Quebec Liberals in the last provincial election. Three-quarters of francophone voters cast their ballots for other parties, giving the Liberals just 24% support, a dramatic drop from their 2003 election results, when the party sailed to power with 40% support

April 25/07
Angus Reid Strategies: Few Canadians Welcome Dion/May Deal
Few Canadians are satisfied with a recent agreement between Stéphane Dion and Elizabeth May. 45% of respondents disapprove of the Liberal leader and the Green leader’s pact to not run candidates in each other’s ridings in the next federal election

April 24/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service/Global National: Canadians Want Troops Home From Afghanistan On Schedule
Almost two-thirds of Canadians say the country’s troops in Afghanistan should be brought home on schedule by February 2009. 52% expressed support for the troops role in Afghanistan despite a rash of eight deaths in the field since Easter Sunday

April 20/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service: Still No Majority For Harper
The Conservatives retain a solid 10-point lead nationally over the rival Liberals but continue to fall short of the numbers needed to form a majority government. Support for the Tories was up three points to 39%, while support for the Liberals dropped three points to 29%

April 17/07
Decima Research/Canadian Press: National Support For Tories Still See-Sawing
A new poll suggests Tory support was back at 34% nationally, far short of the majority stratosphere and two points below where the Conservatives were on election day in January 2006

April 13/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News Service/Global Television: The Tories Still Short of Majority
The federal Conservatives have edged up in popular opinion, but they remain shy of the numbers they need for a majority government. The Tories are now at 38 per cent nationally, ahead of the second-place Liberals, who garnered 32 per cent support

April 09/07
Strategic Counsel/ Globe and Mail/CTV: Two-Thirds Back Electing Judges
Sixty-three per cent of 1,000 respondents questioned in the Strategic Counsel survey supported the idea of elected judges, compared to 30 per cent who opposed the notion. The results may come as a surprise to the legal community, where it has long been assumed that Canadians see the election of judges as a major drawback of the U.S. justice system

April 08/07
SES Research/National Post: Conservatives Still Short Of Majority
The Conservatives are still short of winning a majority government but have extended their lead over the Liberal party. Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives have the support of 36% of decided voters while the Liberals have 33%,the New Democrats 16% support and the Bloc Quebecois at 10%

April 05/07
Decima/Canadian Press: Tories Edging Closer To Majority
Stephen Harper's Conservatives are edging closer to support levels needed to win their coveted majority, a new poll suggests. The poll put Tory support at 39% — nine points ahead of the Liberals and within spitting distance of the 40% mark generally needed to secure a majority. The NDP were at 13%, and the Greens and Bloc Québécois were at 8% each

April 02/07
Environment Canada/ Ottawa Citizen: 60% Back Green Tax To Fight Pollution
More than three-quarters of Canadians believe the country's environmental regulations are too weak, while nearly 60 per cent would favour a new green tax on consumer and industrial products to crack down on pollution

Mar. 29/07
Ipsos Reid/CanWest News Service: Tories Lose Ground In Latest Popularity Poll
The post-budget bubble has burst for the federal Conservatives, ending a flirtation with popularity numbers that put them in majority government territory

Mar. 28/07
Leger Marketing/Canadian Press: Tory Support After Budget At Majority Level
Poll indicated countrywide support for Stephen Harper's Conservatives was at majority government levels in the immediate aftermath of the federal budget. Liberals at 27% support and the NDP 14%. The Bloc support was at nine per cent and the Greens six per cent

Mar. 28/07
Decima/Canadian Press: Volatile Voters Can't Settle On One Political Party
Canadians appear to be a fickle bunch when it comes to deciding what federal political party to support - cool comfort for leaders trying to gauge their chances. A whopping 57% of voters have changed their political allegiances over the past few months. Conservatives had the most determined stable of supporters, with 51% saying they had not changed their minds recently. That number was 47% for the NDP and 41% for the Liberals

Mar. 24/07
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV News: Quebec Vote Remains Tight Three-Horse Race
The Quebec election is ending in a tight three-way race with no indication that the emerging support for Mario Dumont's Action Démocratique du Québec will crumble as his rivals have been hoping. The three main parties remain in a dead heat, with the Parti Québécois getting 31% support, the Liberals 30% and the ADQ 28%

Mar. 23/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News/Global TV: Healthy Tory Poll Numbers Stoke Election Speculation
Prime Minister Stephen Harpers' Conservatives have surged to 40% in popular opinion and entered majority government territory. The poll, conducted after the Harper government delivered its new budget, shows the Tories have opened up an 11-point lead nationally over Stéphane Dion's Liberals

Mar. 18/07
The Strategic Counsel/CTV News/Globe and Mail: Social Programs A Budget Priority For Canadians
On the eve of the March 19 federal budget, a new poll suggests only a minority of Canadians want the government to cut taxes, while half want Ottawa to spend more on social programs

Mar. 16/07
Leger Marketing/ Canadian Press: Quebec Election A Three-Way Race
A new poll suggests the major parties fighting for voter support in the Quebec election were in a tight three-way race this week. Liberal support in its March 13-15 poll was at 30%, while the Parti Quebecois and the Action democratique du Quebec were each at 27%

Mar. 10/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest/Global Television: PM Still A Mystery To Most Canadians
After more than a year in power, 65 per cent of Canadians say they do not feel they know Harper better as a person than when he became prime minister

Mar. 08/07
Decima/Canadian Pres: Tories Gain Women, Urban Supporters
Conservatives have regained support among women and city-dwellers, crucial demographic groups that are key to any hope of a Tory majority. The survey,suggests the trend is the reason for the Conservatives' six percentage point lead nationally over the Liberals – 35 to 29.

Mar. 02/07
Angus Reid Strategies/Ottawa Citizen: Conservatives On Brink Of Majority
Conservatives have the support of 40% voters, with two out of five decided voters indicating they'd cast ballots for them if an election were called tomorrow. The Liberals are at 26% while the NDP are at 15% support. The Bloc Quebecois is fourth at 10%, followed by the Green party at eight per cent

Mar. 01/07
Decima Research/Canadian Press: Conservatives Extend Lead
Canada's governing Conservatives have widened their lead over the Liberals suggesting even less incentive than before for the opposition to try to force an early election.
The Conservatives at 36%, Liberals were at 27%, down from the 30% they got in both the election and in the last Decima poll a week ago

Feb. 26/07
Leger Marketing/Le Devoir: Quebec Liberals Widen Lead
Quebec's Liberal government has widened its lead over the separatist Parti Quebecois ahead of a March 26 provincial election, while the right-wing Action Democratique du Quebec is gaining ground. Liberals at 37%, with 28% ready to back the Parti Quebecois, and 24% in support of the smaller Action Democratique

Feb. 26/07
Ipsos-Reid/Canwest News Service/Global TV: Ont. Liberals Have Upper Hand
Ontario Liberals are well positioned for success in this October's provincial election despite a legacy of broken promises that continues to dog them to this day. 38% of decided voters support Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberals, putting them five points ahead of John's Tory's Conservatives

Feb. 23/07
Ipsos-Reid/CanWest News/Global National: Tories Top Grits
The boost Stéphane Dion's Liberals got from the party’s leadership convention last December has evaporated, leaving the ruling Conservatives and the rival Grits locked in a virtual tie in public support. Conservatives have the support of 36% of the population, compared to 34% for the Liberals

Feb. 20/07
The Strategic Counsel/CTV News/The Globe and Mail: Dion, Liberals Losing Support
Stephane Dion's honeymoon with voters may be over. Fewer than one fifth of Canadians think he would make a good prime minister. Just 18% of respondents thought the Liberal leader would do the best job as prime minister, compared to 36% for Stephen Harper

Feb 14/07
Decima/Canadian Press: Conservatives, Liberals Tied
Canada's ruling Conservatives are virtually tied with the opposition Liberals and neither would stand a chance of winning a majority if an election were held now: Conservatives at 33 percent and the Liberals at 32 percent

Feb 08/07
Canadian Press/Leger Marketing: Poll Gives Tories The Edge
Conservatives have a slight lead over the Liberals. Tories 38 per cent support, the Liberals 31 per cent, the NDP 14 per cent and the Bloc Quebecois eight per cent

Feb 07/07 07:46 PM
Decima Research/Canadian Press: Tory Ads Unfair
The good news for federal Conservatives: a lot of Canadians seem to have seen their recent TV ad campaign targeting Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.
The bad news? A majority of the Canadians who’ve seen those ads may think they’re bunkum.

Feb 03/07
Angus Reid Strategies/Toronto Star: Minority Government For Ontario
The provincial Liberals and Conservatives are locked in a virtual tie in the race for voter support. The poll shows the provincial Conservatives with 34 per cent support, the Liberals with 33 per cent and the New Democrats with 19 per cent support – among decided voters.

Jan. 30/07
Decima Research/ Canadian Press: Majority Has Cynical Opinion Of Tory Environmental Motivation
Many Canadians view the Conservative government’s newfound green policy push with skepticism. The national survey indicates there are plenty of doubts about all the major federal political parties when it comes to environmental policy

Jan. 30/07
CBC: Quebec Liberals Edge Ahead Of PQ
The Quebec Liberal party is holding its own among voters and has edged ahead of the Parti Québécois for the first time in two years. Two separate and independent polls, published in La Presse and Le Devoir, put the Liberals slightly ahead of the PQ when it comes to intended votes

Jan. 29/07
Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail/CTV: Environment Trumps Economy
62% ofCanadians would be willing to have the economy grow at a "significantly slower rate" to reduce global warming

Jan. 24/07
Leger Marketing/Sun Media: Tories, Grits Remain In Virtual Tie
Canada's Conservative government has a slight lead over the opposition Liberals: Conservatives at 35 percent popular support, the Liberals at 32 percent, the New Democrats at 13 percent and the separatist Bloc Quebecois at 8 percent

Jan. 18/07
Decima Research/Canadian Press: Tories Slipping
The federal Conservatives are flying high in Alberta but appear to be grounded just about everywhere else. That’s not good news for the governing party on the eve of the first anniversary of its election victory

Jan. 18/07
Leger Marketing/Sun Media: Canadians Wants Tighter Immigration Controls
A majority of Canadians want tighter controls over the influx of immigrants and believe more must be done to better integrate the nation's newcomers. 57% think there should be greater scrutiny before citizenship is awarded, while only 3% say the rules should loosen up

Jan. 18/07
Sun Media/Leger Marketing: Ditch Cultural Traditions And Conform
Most Canadians believe ethnic minorities should restrain their cultural customs and conform to those around them. 85% believe it's important -- if not essential -- that minorities adapt to the lifestyle habits of the city where they live

Jan. 17/07
Innovative Research/CanWest News Service: Voters Will Forgive PM For Ignoring Kyoto
Prime Minister Stephen Harper won't incur Canadians' wrath for abandoning the Kyoto accord as long as he takes other concrete measures to prove his government cares about the environment

Jan. 16, 2007
Innovative Research/CanWest News Service: Tory Tough-On-Drugs Policy Unpopular
Two-thirds of Canadians believe the federal government, which has promised a tough new national drug strategy, should treat drug abuse as a medical problem requiring more prevention and treatment programs

Jan. 04/07
Decima Research /Canadian Press: Environment Top Public Issue
Environmental policy is both the top priority of Canadian voters and the subject of the most dissatisfaction with government performance

Jan. 03/07
Decima Research /Canadian Press: Conservatives, Liberals In Dead Heat
A new poll suggests that at year's end, the Conservatives and Liberals were in a virtual dead heat in political support. The Conservatives had 34% support, compared with 31% for the Liberals, a spread within the poll's 3.1-percentage-point margin of error. The survey suggests the NDP had 15% support, the Bloc Quebecois had 10% and the Green party had 8%

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