Our Trade & Investment Issues Management Practice

While increasingly liberalized, trade is still conducted in a web of existing government rules. Tariffs and trade preferences give way to complex rules of origin and non-tariff trade barriers.  Regional trade blocs generate new variations of the old rules. Environmental and labour activists challenge trade practices. New technologies push the limits of rules designed for non-digital goods. And for many companies, trade is a prelude to direct investment.

The Hillwatch team has been immersed in trade and investment issues for the last 25 years.  We offer a full array of advisory services and hands-on assistance to:

  • Manage complex US-Canada Trade disputes
  • Track WTO processes
  • Provide Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) services for Textile Reference, Procurement and NAFTA challenges
  • Advise and negotiate on Customs, Permits, Quotas and Import and Export Control Issues
  • Track Technology Trade Issues, including WTO, OECD, NAFTA and Bilateral Policy Development
  • Manage incoming investment programs for firms seeking to locate in Canada
  • Help companies use government trade resources to develop external markets for their goods and services 
  • Obtain export promotion and finance assistance from governments


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