Our Regulatory Issues Management Practice

Existing regulations and established bureaucratic processes account for most of the day-to-day conflicts and opportunities between the private & public sectors. Contacts are predominately with officials, not politicians.

Many organizations are confused by the complexity of government processes and the time-consuming nature of government decision-making. They approach government on an ad hoc, intermittent basis.  They have difficulty presenting their positions in a timely and effective fashion.  They lack access to key decision-makers.

Hillwatch makes dealing with the public service an understandable, manageable, productive process. We understand government from the inside out and we know how to work with the system. Hillwatch help its clients to:

  • Understand the written and unwritten rules
  • Work the process, and, if necessary, challenge the process
  • Influence new regulations before the Gazette process begins
  • Take advantage of the Legislative framework
  • Use regulatory policy and the Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement to your advantage
  • Work with the departmental consultation processes
  • Create coalitions for and against regulatory proposals utilizing virtual campaign strategies where appropriate
  • Build support within cabinet, caucus and in Parliament
  • Prepare all necessary support materials – letters, briefs, talking points, & applications
  • Project manage any necessary legal, environmental and economic impact studies and industry consultation processes

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