Canadian Provincial Government Relations

Important aspects of federal business-government relations also impact business at the Canadian provincial level. This is particularly the case in which joint or overlapping jurisdiction exists, e.g., healthcare, taxation, consumer protection, financial services, transportation, privacy, resource management, environmental regulation, alcoholic beverages, etc.  As well, there are literally hundred of cost shared programs between the Canadian federal and provincial governments from wharf building to sophisticated research. Hillwatch understands Canadian federal and provincial decision-making processes, while taking advantage of cross-jurisdictional agreements and political interests.

New foreign investors in Canada often simultaneously deal with federal regional development agencies and provincial and municipal governments, covering a range of issues from location choices, government funding, export assistance, and employee hiring & training. Hillwatch can manage competitive site analysis and help clients maximize available federal and provincial funding resources.

Hillwatch also excels at setting the strategic and program framework for Canadian infrastructure project financing and bringing the government and non-government parties together to make these projects a reality. Infrastructure financing today is cost-shared financing, either between the Canadian provincial and federal governments or between federal, provincial and local governments. With some infrastructure projects, private sector financial participation is an important ingredient in the government funding decision-making process. Infrastructure project funding decisions, more often than not, require consensus agreement from all the funding partners, creating significant challenges for private sector proponents. Typical government infrastructure projects involve areas as diverse as mass transit, housing, tourism, arts and culture, highways and bridges, hospitals, etc.

Some Achievements:

  • Hillwatch successfully co-lead the campaign that brought 3 government parties and one private sector partner together on a $100 million infrastructure project;
  • Hillwatch assisted a not-for-profit corporation in accessing joint Canadian federal-provincial infrastructure funding;
  • Hillwatch brought together a large number of national and provincial health groups to a common position before federal, provincial and territorial governments;
  • Conducted a competitive site analysis spanning six Canadian provinces for an incoming international defence investor;
  • Helped a client establishing a headquarters in Canada obtain financial assistance from federal and provincial government sources;
  • For a direct marketing client, established a process to regularly monitor upcoming consumer protection legislation in the Canadian federal parliament and all 10 provincial legislatures. Subsequently, helped them negotiate amendment to legislation in Manitoba and Ontario;
  • Negotiated the roll back of provincial sales taxes on industry fees in the provinces of Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan;
  • On an environmental file, we created a cross-Canada grassroots campaign that involved multiple jurisdictions, including all federal, provincial and municipal governments.

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