Our High Technology & Procurement Practice

Government is a major supporter of new technologies through the financial & marketing assistance programs it offers.  And, as it redesigns its internal process and public services, government is a major buyer of information technology & technology intensive products & services.

Hillwatch helps technology companies with their public policy and procurements needs. As part of our on-going services, we:  

  • Identify and track key opportunities;
  • Provide government marketing strategies and advice;
  • Help our clients identify and access government assistance programs  
  • Provide a full range of government marketing and procurement services including:  
      • Identify Gateway contracts
      • Profile Buildings
      • Consortium Buildings
      • Advise on Statement of Requirement, LOI and RFP preparation & content
      • Red Team the RFP
      • Intelligence Gathering
      • Monitor Competition
      • Prepare Industrial Benefits Strategies
      • Advise on Contract Negotiations

The Federal Government is also Canada's largest landlord and buyer of goods and services. Hillwatch provides expert advice and lobbying in key procurement areas such as public-private partnerships for development and infrastructure, infrastructure program funding for large capital projects, specialized multi-government funding agreements, real estate projects, etc.

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