Grassroot Campaigns

Hillwatch is Canada's leader in grassroot campaigns and online advocacy!

Increasingly, it is not enough to bring your issues to government. You have to demonstrate public support for your position.  Your organization may be under public attack and need to publicly defend your practices and positions. You may want to shape the governments' policy agenda. To do that supporters, members, employees, customers and/or suppliers need to be mobilized!

More and more, the Internet can be used as a tool to rally support and advance your cause. In a networked society, organizations have no choice but to establish their positions in the online political marketplace. You go on-line to educate, motivate and organize citizens, opinion leaders and government decision-makers to take meaningful off line action. It’s a new dimension for advocacy.

But, Internet advocacy is still a complement to traditional government relations activities.  Communicating your views directly and personally to decision-makers should always be part of any on-going strategy.  Hillwatch Inc. integrates its traditional lobbying strengths with the latest digital campaigning techniques to make dealing with government an understandable, manageable, and productive process.

Here are some of the key Hillwatch components for a grassroot campaign:

  • Identify supportive interests and initiate contact
  • Develop programs to educate and motivate members and employees to be politically engaged and active
  • Develop key messages and communications methods to mobilize supporters
  • Mobilize supporters to express themselves to politicians and officials thorough mail, fax, e-mail, telephone calls and personal meetings
  • Establish a virtual campaign organization
  • Identify key government contacts and build champions within the system
  • Develop caucus & parliamentary committee presentations and related press programs
  • Establish regular contact program for key political supporters
  • Use House of Common & Senate Standing Committees to advance your positions
  • Project manage web site design, content and promotion and any required functionality (fund-raising, feedback, e-mail and letter campaigns and action centres, etc.)
  • Arrange other supportive advocacy advertising.

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