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Links Directory

Our Links Directory provides thousands of public policy resources:

Issues & Associations: 700+ links to Canadian and international Associations and NGOs - organized by sector or issue

Think Tanks: 100+ leading public policy research groups inside and outside Canada

Legislatures: Federal, Provincial & International

Prime Ministers & Presidents: Leaders in Canada & around the World

Canadian Political Sources: Key politics & public policy resources & Canadian news

Trade Zone: Key Canadian and international trade policy & import/export resources

International Organizations: The key multilateral policy institutions in a globalized world

US Politics: Key politics & public policy resources on the world's number one super power

Digital Democracy: Useful links to federal and provincial resources, international think tanks and research sites on e-government and digital democracy issues


New Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion made significant and detailed policy commitments in his leadership run. Hillwatch tells you what they are and their implications for business..... More Info

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