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Over the last seven years, the Chretien and Harper Governments have radically changed the rules on political contributions. 

Corporations and unions have been pushed from the centre to the periphery of political financing. Political parties are being driven to re-structure.  Advantages are shifting between parties and between candidates. Rigid rules are now in place to define how elections and leadership contests operate – leveling the playing field in a number of ways.

Canadian politics now clearly differentiates itself from our American neighbour where contributions from corporations, unions and third-party players are the mother’s milk of politics.

Yet, most Canadians are unaware of the changes or their impact. This Backgrounder walks the reader through the changes and their implications.

• Five Key Changes
• Winners and Losers
• Public Subsidies Mean More to Some
• Level Playing Fields
• Bootstrapping
• Smaller and Cheaper Leadership Contests
• Cheaper Tickets
• Telemarketing Parties of Canada
• Volunteers are the Unregulated Wealth of Political Parties
• Catering to the Base
• Rich Matters Less
• Rich Candidates Matter Less Too
• Press Does Not Get It
• More Laws and Regulations; and
• Implications for Business

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