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Hillwatch Government Relations concentrates on developing winning strategies, solving client problems and creating new business opportunities. We are trusted advisors and strong advocates who craft win/win solutions. Experience counts!


A Referendum Lesson from My Cottage Association
What can the affairs of my cottage association tell us about the Scotland and Quebec referendums? More than you might think!




Washington Brief

The Outlook Turns Bleak
Global economic and strategic realities took a turn for the worse over the past month.  The bad news was publicly acknowledged by financial authorities, who didn't hide the fact that they are running out of viable policy treatments

Polling Station
One-stop round-up of polling results and data:
-Harper Hits New 12-Month High On Preferred Pm Measure

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Key politics & public policy resources & Canadian news


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Key multilateral policy institutions in a global world

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Leading public policy research groups inside and outside Canada

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Selection Of Canadian And Other Political Blogs


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Politics & public policy resources on the world's number one super power

Washinton Brief
Latest political and trade intelligence from Washington

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